Admits Loyalist Jokowi, President of KSPSI Continues Claims to Reject Omnibus Law

Admits Loyalist Jokowi, President of KSPSI Continues Claims to Reject Omnibus Law – President of the Confederation of All Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPSI), Andi Gani Nena Wea, said he would continue to defend the rights of the workers, even though he was a loyalist of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

Admits Loyalist Jokowi

He said, if it relates to labor welfare, in this case the Omnibus Law on Employment Law, there is no politics.

“If I come forward confused, (people) confused, Bung Andi, what is the agenda, it is impossible to bring down the President (Jokowi) with no political affairs, this is a matter of welfare and labor in Indonesia,” Andi said in a discussion titled Omnibus Law. ? at the PKS DPP office, Jalan TB Simatupang, Jakarta, Monday (2/24/2020).

He also asked that the rejection related to the Omnibus Law Bill cannot be interpreted as anti-government. The reason he is a long-time supporter of Jokowi.

“Don’t be dragged that (reject) Omnibus Law is anti-government. I am loyal to Jokowi. Before you, I have supported him before. So I can’t bring it (anti-government),” he said.

Andi claimed that along with other trade unions he would fight to reject the Omnibus Work Copyrights Bill which was detrimental to the workers. Andi said, the workers did not refuse the bill, but had studied the draft of the Employment Copyright Omnibus Bill.

“So we will fight. Workers don’t talk nonsense but don’t reject them, we have a team to be able to study Omnibus Law,” he said.

Furthermore, Andi said the trade unions will continue to be at the forefront of defending the workers. Bandar Ceme Indonesia

Not only that, KSPSI will fight for dialogue with various factions in the House of Representatives to solve the problems in the Omnibus Law Working Copyright Bill

But he said, if the dialogue with the Parliament did not find a way out or deadlock, the workers would return to the streets. In fact he will lead the action directly.

“We will try to go through the parliament, but if it is stuck, we will have to take another way, namely extra parliamentary in the streets. I will lead me in the front row,” he said.

Previously, the government submitted a draft as well as a presidential letter (surpres) of the Omnibus law on the Cipta Karya Bill. Admits Loyalist Jokowi

The draft and surpres were submitted by Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto to the Speaker of the Parliament Puan Maharani at the Parliament Complex, Jakarta

Sultan Prohibits School Activities on the River

Sultan Prohibits School Activities on the River – The Governor of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY), Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X, prohibits the activities of school students on the riverbank. The ranks of the provincial government (Pemprov) of Yogyakarta are asked to make rules regarding this matter.

“Earlier, I had conveyed it through BPBD DIY. I asked to issue a circular, during this rainy season, I ask school children, without seeing or community groups without seeing education, whether elementary, junior high, or high school, to avoid events or good program activities. school children, waiters, or any association to avoid by the river, “said Sri Sultan at SMP Negeri 1 Turi, Sleman Regency, Friday, February 21, 2020.

According to him, activities on the river are very dangerous, especially in the rainy season at this time. Sri Sultan emphasized that safety must take precedence.

Sultan Prohibits School Activities on the River

For the time being during the rainy season do not do activities in the river. That’s all. I don’t know, the reason is Sunday to clean the village, clean the river, and so on. Just postpone first. No need during the rainy season, he said.

The King of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace said that the increase in river discharge is difficult to predict. Moreover, river water discharge can increase if the highland area on Mount Merapi rains heavily. Bandar Ceme QQ

Even though it is not raining here, but if Merapi rains, then the run (flows) to the river must be, because it is closest to Merapi, surely the highest driving force, sliding power, he said.

Sri Sultan gave an example of the Code river in the city of Yogyakarta which experienced an increase in water discharge when the peak of Mount Merapi was raining. In fact, the city of Yogyakarta does not rain.

“We can’t calculate that. So it’s better to avoid having activities near the river, that’s all,” he said.

Sri Sultan had a chance to meet with teachers and students’ parents at Turi 1 Public Middle School. He expressed his condolences for the incident.

“These are middle school kids. It also happens to be the rainy season. So it should be dangerous near the river, let alone along the river. But whatever has happened,” he said.

Wendy Red Velvet Say Miss Long Stage

Wendy Red Velvet Say Miss Long Stage – Red Velvet girl group personnel, Wendy finally greeted her fans again after an accident fell from the stage, in December 2019. Through her upload on Instagram, Wendy thanked for her birthday wishes. It is known, Wendy’s 26th birthday today, Friday (2/21/2020). Do not forget, Wendy reported that her health condition which is said to have begun to improve. “To ReVeluv (Red Velvet fans), hello everyone, miss me? It’s been a long time since I uploaded on Instagram. I just want to thank everyone for their love and support on my birthday, “Wendy said, Friday (2/21/2020).

Wendy Red Velvet

Along with uploading photos of herself with various poses, Wendy hopes to be able to return to the stage as soon as possible to entertain her fans. “I also began to recover quickly. Thank you to all ReVeluv. As stated on the live broadcast on Instagram, I just want to sing next to you as Wendy. Hopefully we can meet on stage as soon as possible, “he said. Finally, accompanied by emoji love, Wendy returned to thank and at the same time longing for ReVeluv.

Reported earlier, the police finally conducted an investigation related to the fall incident of Wendy Red Velvet on stage during a practice to appear on SBS Gayo Daejeon in late 2019. Reporting from Allkpop, the police investigated whether there was an element of neglect that caused a person to have a serious injury. If convicted of negligence, then the offender can be sentenced to 30 days in prison or a fine. 66ceme

Known, Wendy Red Velvet fell from a height of 2.5 meters during training before appearing on SBS Gayo Daejeon 2019.

As a result of the accident Wendy was rushed to the hospital and received emergency treatment. After a thorough examination, the member with the birth name of Son Seung Wan was declared to have a natural fracture in the right pelvis and his right wrist Wendy Red Velvet was also called a natural facial injury.

Watering And Fertilizing Your Indoor Garden Plants

Indoor Garden Plants

Watering And Fertilizing Your Indoor Garden Plants – Unless it’s the center of summer time and there has not been sufficient rain, watering your outside plants is normally not obligatory (or not fairly often). But indoor plants depend on you as a supply of water and further nutrients within the type of fertilizer. It is very important know the person water and nutrient wants of every plant to maintain them wholesome.

Watering And Fertilizing Your Indoor Garden Plants

As talked about, particular person plants would require completely different quantities of water to maintain them rising optimally. In case you are apprehensive about over-watering your plant, guantee that the pot you select has a very good drainage system. With holes in the underside of the pot or gravel contained in the pot the soil and plant will soak up the mandatory water and the surplus will run out by the underside.

In case your houseplants should not thriving it doesn’t matter what you do, there are two issues to look into. In case you are utilizing faucet water to water your plants there could also be an excessive amount of chlorine or salt current. An answer to that is to make use of distilled or filtered water or you possibly can go away a container exterior to gather rainwater poker online aman dan terpercaya. Either possibility is acceptable and often is the change it is advisable make to develop healthier plants.

Choosing to fertilize your plants is one other manner to offer them a lift. Fertilizer accommodates nutrients and parts that plants have to develop. Indoors plants don’t want as a lot fertilizer as their out of doors counterparts do. Due to a slower price of development, feed your plants minimal fertilizer. Within the winter time you may in all probability skip this step altogether. The spring or summer season time is the very best time to fertilize indoor plants. That is throughout their rising part once they want the additional nutrients probably the most.

Head of BPIP Explains Religion of the Enemy of Pancasila

Head of BPIP Explains Religion of the Enemy of Pancasila – Head of the Pancasila Ideology Board of Trustees (BPIP) Yudian Wahyudi explained to the House of Representatives Commission II about his two statements which were reaping polemics.

It is known, he sparked public criticism when talking about the ‘religion of enemies of the Pancasila’ and ‘constitution above the holy book’ to the media, in a separate interview opportunity.

Head of BPIP Explains

At the Commission II Hearing Meeting (RDP) at the Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Tuesday (18/2), he received a shower of criticism from at least 15 members of the council from various factions who expressed disappointment with the statement ‘religion of the enemy of Pancasila’.

He later admitted that during the interview he was highlighting religious groups who adhered to extreme understandings. According to him, the group’s actions became a threat to Pancasila as the nation’s ideology. Bandar Ceme Banyak Bonus

“That is what I am reminding, this nation should return to this consensus. I meant this at first. Because if we do not manage it properly, this will become an accusation. That means religion becomes an enemy if there are people who use religion unilaterally to the extreme, “he explained in the meeting.

Yudian said the purpose of his statement was not quoted in full. He felt his statement was wrongly quoted and used as a title by

On that occasion, the Chancellor of UIN Sunan Kalijaga also clarified another controversial statement, namely the matter of ‘the constitution above the holy book’.

He argued that it meant that the constitution would overshadow citizens who were carrying out the mandate of the holy book.

“Now a simple example in relation to the constitution is that Muslims suddenly go on Hajj without a passport? What I mean by this [passport] is to represent the constitution. So religion has become a constitution. This is my real intention,” he said.

Yudian said he would follow the proposal of the House of Representatives Commission II and promised not to speak again directly to the mass media.

“I promise that in the future we will use public relations. If it has to be done (giving a statement directly to the mass media), use the name first to be edited, written, drafted, then we will submit it,” he said.

It is known, Member of Commission II of the DPR from the PDIP Faction Johan Budi previously suggested that Yudian use PR to talk to the media.

Radioactive Decontamination Process for 20 Days

Radioactive Decontamination Process for 20 Days – The process of cleaning or decontamination of radioactive exposed areas in vacant land in Batan Indah Housing, Setu District, South Tangerang City, Banten, is still being carried out. Officials hope the rain will not flush radioactive areas today, Monday, February 17, 2020.

The clean-up process lasted 20 days, but we are trying to finish it soon. Hopefully there will be no more rain problems, said Head of Public Relations and Cooperation Law of the National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) Heru Umbara, at Batan Indah Housing, Monday, 17 February 2020.

He explained that officers today carried 100 drums to accommodate radioactive material. The BATAN team is assisted by a number of technical teams from the Nuclear Energy Supervisory Agency (BAPETEN), the Gegana Sat KBR and the Nuclear Chemical Biology Engineer to clean the exposed area.

Radioactive Decontamination Process for 20 Days

This is important and our priority is once again we want to clean it up, now it is safe at this radius (50 meters from the hot spot) and this focus is clean up at the point of exposure. We carry 100 drums, Heru explained.

The process of cleaning up radioactive exposed areas in Batan Indah Housing, South Tangerang. Photo:

Heru explained that one of the disturbing weather conditions was rain, which was a serious disturbance in the cleansing process of the tepapar area. It is feared that the exposed material will be carried by officers when they set foot in the exposed area when it rains. Bandar Ceme Terbesar

Rain is dangerous and in terms of safety is also dangerous. Now clean the soil or plants exposed to radiation, he explained.

He asked residents to continue their normal activities. Residents are asked not to be afraid while outside the area of radioactive exposure.

What is not allowed is to enter the hot spot, which we will clean up at this time. Including not needing citizens to use masks, he added.

According to monitoring, BATAN has again sent a team of experts to lift the exposed material. Four teams were assigned, each with seven members. Each team cleans the exposed area for one hour.

Cipularang Toll Roads Avalanche, Vehicles Still Safely Passing

Cipularang Toll Roads Avalanche, Vehicles Still Safely Passing – Land on the edge of the Cipularang toll road Km 118 landslides. Even so, the vehicle is certainly still safe to cross.

“The landslide outside the toll road. Toll is certain to pass safely,” said Jasa Marga officer, Siti, when contacted on Sunday (02/16/2020).

Cipularang Toll

He said the landslide occurred outside the toll road, so it did not interfere so much with the traffic on the toll road. Only one lane is closed. ceme online

“There is little density because on the shoulder of the closed road, just to Jakarta,” he said.

As is known, landslides that hit Hegarmanah Village, Sukatani Village, Ngamprah District, West Bandung Regency, threatened the Purbaleunyi Toll Road Km Km.

Based on West Bandung Regency BPBD data, the height of the landslide cliff reached 15 meters, while the width reached 30 meters, with the distance of the landslide point to the road body only 7 meters.

“If you look at the condition of the distance of about 7 meters, it is certainly very possible to have an impact on toll roads,” said a spokesman for PT Jasa Marga, Nandang Elan, when met at the landslide location, Wednesday (02/12/2020).

At present the toll road is still normal. Line A from Jakarta to Bandung functions two lanes. While line B, from Bandung to Jakarta is narrowed down to one lane.

PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk urges road users to be careful when crossing the Cipularang Toll Road because it is being handled as a result of a landslide incident about 8 meters from the road (rumija) or precisely at Km 118 + 600 towards Jakarta. The landslide occurred due to high rainfall which flushed Kampung Hegarmanah RT 02 / RW 04, Sukatani Village, Ngamprah District, West Bandung Regency, West Java. Handling of landslides is still being carried out by installing dolken / recesses and sandbags, tarpaulins to avoid direct rainwater infiltration, drainage of rainwater drainage, and alerting supervisors. Handling of landslides is also carried out comprehensively precisely at 8 meters from Rumija KM 118 + 600 in Bandung. As the manager of the Cipularang Toll Road, Jasa Marga Purbaleunyi Branch also handles puddles using 5 pumps with a total capacity of 450 liters per second. Not being spared, sludge removal was also carried out to normalize the channel by operating 3 excavator units.

As for the long-term improvement plan, Jasa Marga will arrange the drainage system. Jasa Marga together with PT Jasamarga Tollroad Maintenance, the Directorate General of Highways and BBWS Citarum Ministry of PUPR, and the Expert Team in preparing temporary and permanent treatment plans. General Manager of PT Jasa Marga Branch Purbaleunyi Pratomo Bimawan Putra said, at present, the company has conducted a sondir test in the landslide area to determine the characteristics of the soil. “Furthermore, slope handling will be carried out by strengthening boredpiles, and retaining walls, structuring water channels, and repairing irrigation channels,” Bima said in a written statement, Saturday (02/15/2020). During the handling of the landslide area, two Cipularang Toll Roads, both in the Jakarta and Bandung directions, can be crossed normally. “Toll road operations continue to run normally, during the process of handling landslide impacts,” said Bima.

Using White Noise To Treat Migraine Symptoms

White Noise

Using White Noise To Treat Migraine Symptoms – Phonophobia, an excessive sensitivity to noise is one of the unpleasant uncomfortable side effects of migraine complications. Doctors can’t assist with this sensitivity, however there may be hope. The phonophobia most migraine patients expertise is especially delicate to very loud noises or sudden noises. White noise will help.

Using White Noise To Treat Migraine Symptoms

What’s white noise? If you’ve seen Pollyanna, you recognize that mild is definitely composed of mild from each coloration of the spectrum. The sounds are unfold evenly throughout the frequency band in order that nobody single sound or frequency stands out. When the frequencies are combined they cancel one another out and create a deadening impact.

This deadening impact has helped some migraine sufferers by masking different, extra painful sounds throughout a headache. Among the best pure methods to relieve migraine ache is to sleep by way of it poker online indonesia terpercaya. Migraine ache makes it exhausting to fall asleep, particularly if you add within the photograph- and phonosensitive parts. A white machine or recording might help soothe the sensitivity lengthy sufficient to permit a migraineur to fall asleep.

For migraineurs who expertise prodrome signs, signs that allow them to know a migraine is coming, white noise can assist stave off a headache. For a lot of migraine sufferers, noise is a headache set off and the noise canceling properties may help cease a headache by eradicating the noise set off from the surroundings. One article even advised that white noce machines be made out there to migraineurs at work as a prophylactic measure to cut back misplaced time because of headache.

Some folks discover relief from migraines by staring on the static–visible white noise–on a tv display set between channels or with the cable unplugged. Some report that the migraine disappears utterly. Those that use visible noise suggest doing so with the sound off.

Doctors Killed Fatigue, Political Parties: This is an Example for Other Medical Workers

Doctors Killed Fatigue, Political Parties: This is an Example for Other Medical Workers – The death of the 51-year-old doctor sparked public anger when the Chinese Communist Party of Jiangsu set him as an example for other medical officers.

Doctors Killed Fatigue

As quoted from from World of Buzz. The controversial statement came from the mouth of the political party secretary.

The statement drew criticism because the doctor named Xu Hui was dying because of fatigue after working nonstop for 18 days.

In another statement released on Monday, February 12, the doctor was praised for giving an example of how dedicated he is to work.

According to the Shanghaiist website, the doctor who died on February 7 yesterday, named Xu Hui. He is the honored deputy director of the Nanjing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

Since the politician made a statement about Xu’s death, Twitter users have gone berserk and questioned the type of medical system that encourages doctors to Agen Bandar Ceme Online commit suicide while working.

One Twitter user who protested is the account owner. According to him, Xu Hui must be praised for his sacrifice, not even being an example.

“No, not an example. Doctor Xu Hui clearly must be praised for his sacrifice, but working 18 days in a row is not an example. Being part of the health care system that pressures doctors to work at such inhumane hours should invite more critical reflection than others. , “tweet the @JiayangFan account user.

Other citizens also have the same thought. They flocked to satirize the statement of the political party.

“So the role model is dead? You will lose all medical personnel very quickly like that, “said a citizen.

“Anyone who works to the bone is good for anyone, including themselves at some point. I admire his dedication but I hope he works in an environment where employees Doctors Killed Fatigue are looked after too. They have a better chance to stay healthy to care for more people, “explained another citizen.

“A role model? Are you kidding? He died in vain! He could have lived to save more people,” explained another citizen.

Wuhan City Record Satellite Image Red Light Up

Wuhan City Record Satellite Image Red Light Up – Satellite photos show very high levels of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) in the city of origin of the Corona virus, namely Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, Sunday (02/09/2020).

Satellite imagery also shows high SO2 levels occurring in Chongqing City.

Scientists claim Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) is produced from cremation of corpses or burning medical waste.

Wuhan City Record Satellite

The two cities have been closed since February 2, 2020, due to the corona virus.

The Chinese National Health Commission said the corpses of victims of the corona virus must be cremated immediately.

Reporting from, satellite images from the website show SO2 levels in Wuhan City at 1,350 μg / m3 over the weekend.

Meanwhile according to the World Health Organization (WHO), SO2 levels should not exceed 500 μg / m3.

The US Environmental Protection Agency, said that burning medical waste can also cause high SO2 emissions and can cause serious health risks.

Wuhan City Record Satellite Image Red Light Up

The gas can cause health problems such as asthma, pneumonia, and decreased lung function.

SO2 can affect the respiratory system and lung function, and cause eye irritation, the WHO said.

Until now it was not clear whether there was a link between the corona virus and the high level of SO2 in Wuhan City last weekend.

Based on the observation of on, SO2 level in Wuhan City today, Wednesday (12/2/2020) at 12:30 West Indonesia Time has decreased from last week.

SO2 concentration in Wuhan City was at the level of 145.58 μg / m3, while in Chongqing City it was at the level of 107.79 μg / m3.

Update on Corona Virus Victims Today

Meanwhile, until now, Wednesday (02/12/2020) at 12:30 WIB, the number of deaths from the corona virus has been 1,115 lives.

While infected reached 45,170 people.

Corona virus has now spread to 28 countries.

The data was obtained by from real time calculations on

The number of victims of the corona virus until February 12, 2020. (CAPTURE THEWUHANVIRUS) Wuhan City Record Satellite Image Red Light Up.

Crow video in Wuhan City

Seain that, there is also another story of the impact of the corona virus about a recording that makes goose bumps goose.

The recording contains the conditions of the city of Wuhan which is tense and not as usual. Login 99Bandar

Quoted from the Daily Star on Wednesday (02/12/2020), it appears that thousands of crows flew in a group in the Wuhan sky which undoubtedly sparked public concern.

This footage is believed to have been taken by residents of Wuhan which showed a large group of crows flying in the city’s empty street area.

A group of black birds can be seen roaming Wusi Street in the Chengxi District, Wuhan.

Then these birds take to the road and peck the road below them.

In other footage, a large band of dark creatures has been captured in Xining City, which has prompted Chinese netizens to question their whereabouts in the province.

Some netizens believe the crows are “hunting dead bodies” to eat.

While others speculate that a group of crows might “eat particles” from the “ashes” of cremated humans.

There is no strong evidence to support the theory that crows look for corpses.

However, because crows are seen as a symbol of death in Chinese culture this has begun to cause fear for some people.

Crow in Chinese culture is often believed to be a symbol of bad luck and a symbol of death.

Citizens on Twitter commented on the recording a lot.

One citizen said, the Wuhan people noticed there were a lot of bad crows flying around the city, quite scary.

They might look for bodies to eat, he continued.

“Crows are there to bring the souls of the dead to their final resting place.” said the comments of other citizens.

Another citizen asked about the existence of the crow.

“What’s the crow going there for? human flesh?”

According to existing reports China banned corona virus victims from being buried.

The bodies of the victims of the plague must be destroyed by burning.

Reports suggest that these bodies were sent daily to infinite cremation houses.

Cremation officers must drain their energy working 7 full days because the bodies continue to arrive.

Reports say that these corpses were sent daily to infinite cremation houses.

This sparked public opinion about the National Health commission in China banning the bodies from being buried, but had to be cremated to prevent the spread of the virus.

Sightings of crows that appear above the city sparked fear and horrifying stories there.

Because crows become symbols of bad luck and death that have been embedded deep in East Asian mythology.

Other birds that are believed to symbolize death are believed there such as crows, black birds, owls, and phoenixes.

The birds represent the spirit world, the afterlife, the spirituality, and the death of their loved one.