Admits Loyalist Jokowi, President of KSPSI Continues Claims to Reject Omnibus Law

Admits Loyalist Jokowi, President of KSPSI Continues Claims to Reject Omnibus Law – President of the Confederation of All Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPSI), Andi Gani Nena Wea, said he would continue to defend the rights of the workers, even though he was a loyalist of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

Admits Loyalist Jokowi

He said, if it relates to labor welfare, in this case the Omnibus Law on Employment Law, there is no politics.

“If I come forward confused, (people) confused, Bung Andi, what is the agenda, it is impossible to bring down the President (Jokowi) with no political affairs, this is a matter of welfare and labor in Indonesia,” Andi said in a discussion titled Omnibus Law. ? at the PKS DPP office, Jalan TB Simatupang, Jakarta, Monday (2/24/2020).

He also asked that the rejection related to the Omnibus Law Bill cannot be interpreted as anti-government. The reason he is a long-time supporter of Jokowi.

“Don’t be dragged that (reject) Omnibus Law is anti-government. I am loyal to Jokowi. Before you, I have supported him before. So I can’t bring it (anti-government),” he said.

Andi claimed that along with other trade unions he would fight to reject the Omnibus Work Copyrights Bill which was detrimental to the workers. Andi said, the workers did not refuse the bill, but had studied the draft of the Employment Copyright Omnibus Bill.

“So we will fight. Workers don’t talk nonsense but don’t reject them, we have a team to be able to study Omnibus Law,” he said.

Furthermore, Andi said the trade unions will continue to be at the forefront of defending the workers. Bandar Ceme Indonesia

Not only that, KSPSI will fight for dialogue with various factions in the House of Representatives to solve the problems in the Omnibus Law Working Copyright Bill

But he said, if the dialogue with the Parliament did not find a way out or deadlock, the workers would return to the streets. In fact he will lead the action directly.

“We will try to go through the parliament, but if it is stuck, we will have to take another way, namely extra parliamentary in the streets. I will lead me in the front row,” he said.

Previously, the government submitted a draft as well as a presidential letter (surpres) of the Omnibus law on the Cipta Karya Bill. Admits Loyalist Jokowi

The draft and surpres were submitted by Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto to the Speaker of the Parliament Puan Maharani at the Parliament Complex, Jakarta

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