Cipularang Toll Roads Avalanche, Vehicles Still Safely Passing

Cipularang Toll Roads Avalanche, Vehicles Still Safely Passing – Land on the edge of the Cipularang toll road Km 118 landslides. Even so, the vehicle is certainly still safe to cross.

“The landslide outside the toll road. Toll is certain to pass safely,” said Jasa Marga officer, Siti, when contacted on Sunday (02/16/2020).

Cipularang Toll

He said the landslide occurred outside the toll road, so it did not interfere so much with the traffic on the toll road. Only one lane is closed. ceme online

“There is little density because on the shoulder of the closed road, just to Jakarta,” he said.

As is known, landslides that hit Hegarmanah Village, Sukatani Village, Ngamprah District, West Bandung Regency, threatened the Purbaleunyi Toll Road Km Km.

Based on West Bandung Regency BPBD data, the height of the landslide cliff reached 15 meters, while the width reached 30 meters, with the distance of the landslide point to the road body only 7 meters.

“If you look at the condition of the distance of about 7 meters, it is certainly very possible to have an impact on toll roads,” said a spokesman for PT Jasa Marga, Nandang Elan, when met at the landslide location, Wednesday (02/12/2020).

At present the toll road is still normal. Line A from Jakarta to Bandung functions two lanes. While line B, from Bandung to Jakarta is narrowed down to one lane.

PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk urges road users to be careful when crossing the Cipularang Toll Road because it is being handled as a result of a landslide incident about 8 meters from the road (rumija) or precisely at Km 118 + 600 towards Jakarta. The landslide occurred due to high rainfall which flushed Kampung Hegarmanah RT 02 / RW 04, Sukatani Village, Ngamprah District, West Bandung Regency, West Java. Handling of landslides is still being carried out by installing dolken / recesses and sandbags, tarpaulins to avoid direct rainwater infiltration, drainage of rainwater drainage, and alerting supervisors. Handling of landslides is also carried out comprehensively precisely at 8 meters from Rumija KM 118 + 600 in Bandung. As the manager of the Cipularang Toll Road, Jasa Marga Purbaleunyi Branch also handles puddles using 5 pumps with a total capacity of 450 liters per second. Not being spared, sludge removal was also carried out to normalize the channel by operating 3 excavator units.

As for the long-term improvement plan, Jasa Marga will arrange the drainage system. Jasa Marga together with PT Jasamarga Tollroad Maintenance, the Directorate General of Highways and BBWS Citarum Ministry of PUPR, and the Expert Team in preparing temporary and permanent treatment plans. General Manager of PT Jasa Marga Branch Purbaleunyi Pratomo Bimawan Putra said, at present, the company has conducted a sondir test in the landslide area to determine the characteristics of the soil. “Furthermore, slope handling will be carried out by strengthening boredpiles, and retaining walls, structuring water channels, and repairing irrigation channels,” Bima said in a written statement, Saturday (02/15/2020). During the handling of the landslide area, two Cipularang Toll Roads, both in the Jakarta and Bandung directions, can be crossed normally. “Toll road operations continue to run normally, during the process of handling landslide impacts,” said Bima.

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