Coutinho has an ankle injury and is on the operating table

Coutinho has an ankle injury and is on the operating table – Bayern Munich’s Philippe Coutinho has problems with his ankle during a training session and has to undergo surgery and must rest for a few weeks.

Coutinho has an ankle injury and is on the operating table

On Tuesday 21 April Coutinho had to leave the training session by going out using a Crutch and a bandage on his ankle and was reported to have suffered a serious injury.

After that on April 24 Coutinho had to enter the operating room and carry out surgery and it was reported that the operation had gone smoothly and was currently in the recovery period.

Philippe reportedly suffered an injury to the right ankle which had to force him to pull over a few weeks after a successful operation and will begin a recovery program within the next 14 days.

That means Coutinho will undergo a recovery of 2 weeks but will be predicted to take a full rest in a longer time, reportedly had to pull over for 6 weeks before being able to train again with his colleague.

This also means he will not be able to appear in a Bundesliga match if Germany allows the German League to roll back on 9 May.

It is also reported that Barcelona still need Coutinho’s services next season and intends to return his players to Camp Nou because Setien put them in the names of the players he needs.

But Chelsea are also reportedly eyeing the Brazilian passport player to return to England.

Coutinho is currently on loan at Bayern Munich from Barcelona, ​​and also Bayer has another option to patent the Brazilian for 120 million euros Game Blackjack.

According to Setien, the player still chooses Barcelona, and if there is a team that wants to have it after the loan agreement is finished, then it must redeem the clause or pay to Barca. According to him, Coutinho will be at Camp Nou at the start of next season.

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