Deddy Corbuzier Sprayed After Talking about Corona

Deddy Corbuzier Sprayed After Talking about Corona

Deddy Corbuzier Sprayed After Talking about Corona – Not long ago, Deddy Corbuzier invited a government spokesman related to the handling of Corona, Achmad Yurianto. Their conversation was then broadcast via Deddy’s podcast and Youtube. However, it turned out that Deddy was sprayed by one of the doctors on this matter.

Who knows the truth is we are medical officers, not artists who even have a basic knowledge of Covid I doubt … be wise say, said one doctor who commented in Deddy Corbuzier’s Instagram comments column.

Of these comments, Deddy Corbuzier also gave the answer Samsung. He said that he did not understand this problem. Therefore invite experts from this problem.

Sorry doctor, I’m not the one talking, who you think is an artist. The one who spoke was the doctor who was appointed as Corona’s spokesman from our president … The truth is he doesn’t have any basic knowledge about Covid compared to you, he explained again.

Deddy Corbuzier Sprayed After Talking about Corona

Even so, Deddy admitted that he did not make much of a problem. He asserted his intention to raise the Corona virus problem is for explanation to the public.

What for? For our society Doc … Who currently needs the help of doctors who are still struggling … for our society who are currently worried … That is the goal, explained Deddy Corbuzier in the photo caption.

Deddy also uploaded a screenshot of Instagram DM which said that Deddy was looking for profit from discussions about the Corona virus due to lack of work. The name Roger Danuarta was carried. Deddy then reacted.

But .. Your words do not represent that .. What I do not understand anymore .. How come the DM doctor was posted on IG story … Talking about Roger Danuarta there is no job … I don’t have a job .. Isn’t it wrong? ! Doc .. What did you … Showing that my content is indeed right. Showing who u are. However guys, he explained again.

Let us support Indonesia .. Doctors .. Nurses all who fight for us .. Remember .. STRUGGLE FOR US AND COUNTRIES, closed Deddy

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