Doctors Killed Fatigue, Political Parties: This is an Example for Other Medical Workers

Doctors Killed Fatigue, Political Parties: This is an Example for Other Medical Workers – The death of the 51-year-old doctor sparked public anger when the Chinese Communist Party of Jiangsu set him as an example for other medical officers.

Doctors Killed Fatigue

As quoted from from World of Buzz. The controversial statement came from the mouth of the political party secretary.

The statement drew criticism because the doctor named Xu Hui was dying because of fatigue after working nonstop for 18 days.

In another statement released on Monday, February 12, the doctor was praised for giving an example of how dedicated he is to work.

According to the Shanghaiist website, the doctor who died on February 7 yesterday, named Xu Hui. He is the honored deputy director of the Nanjing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

Since the politician made a statement about Xu’s death, Twitter users have gone berserk and questioned the type of medical system that encourages doctors to Agen Bandar Ceme Online commit suicide while working.

One Twitter user who protested is the account owner. According to him, Xu Hui must be praised for his sacrifice, not even being an example.

“No, not an example. Doctor Xu Hui clearly must be praised for his sacrifice, but working 18 days in a row is not an example. Being part of the health care system that pressures doctors to work at such inhumane hours should invite more critical reflection than others. , “tweet the @JiayangFan account user.

Other citizens also have the same thought. They flocked to satirize the statement of the political party.

“So the role model is dead? You will lose all medical personnel very quickly like that, “said a citizen.

“Anyone who works to the bone is good for anyone, including themselves at some point. I admire his dedication but I hope he works in an environment where employees Doctors Killed Fatigue are looked after too. They have a better chance to stay healthy to care for more people, “explained another citizen.

“A role model? Are you kidding? He died in vain! He could have lived to save more people,” explained another citizen.

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