DPR Doing Covid 19 Test, Melanie Subono Enriching

DPR Doing Covid 19 Test, Melanie Subono Enriching – Actress and activist Melanie Subono is responding to the Corona or Covid-19 virus test for DPR members and their families.

Through her Instagram social networking account, @ melaniesubono, Monday (3/23/2020), famous daughter promoter Adrie Subono questioned the test.

DPR Doing Covid 19

“I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen, the very respectable board, he said … What is this for, mom? wrote Melanie Subono.

Melanie wrote that she got an ODP paper but until Kiwari there had not been a rapid test or swab test as part of the Covid-19 test series.

“I got ODP and ODP + paper, and until today I didn’t get rapid and completely swabbed everywhere,” Melanie Subono wrote.

If you want, said Melanie, members of the House of Representatives carry out expensive paid tests. Well, he added, the money was used for Covid-19 free tests for the community.

“If you want, let them pay for expensive tests, the money is to use more for buying that is free for the people,” explained Melanie. referral

According to Melanie, DPR members do not need to check unless they have the symptoms of Covid-19. Melanie said emotionally that the DPR member had never visited the people.

“They don’t need to check, unless there are symptoms. They also never suggest going down to meet the people unless they ask for votes,” wrote Melanie Subono.

“If the poor people cannot check it because there is no swab, there is no rapid test, later the diagnosis is at most DHF or typhus or pneumonia, while they will later show off their test results in social media and we can only languish where to find the swab,” said Melanie

At the end of the article, Melanie conveyed her outpouring, “The salary is us, why should we who are not clear about the fate. The people must be informed, only #INDONESIAJAYALAGI!”

For your information, all members of the DPR RI and their family members are advised to undergo the Covid-19 test. This test is part of the health facilities they get from Jasindo Insurance.

“All members of the Indonesian House of Representatives and their families, who get Jasindo Insurance, will undergo the Covid-19 test which will be conducted in the (Kalibata and Ulujami DPR complex),” one of the conclusions of the DPR’s meeting body was quoted as saying by Kompas.

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