Nine Times Earthquake in Pengalengan Today

Nine Times Earthquake in Pengalengan Today – SESAR is active in Pengalengan, West Java, which triggered at least nine earthquakes today, Wednesday (5/2/2020). As stated by the Head of the Earthquake Information and Tsunami Early Warning Agency, the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), Daryono.

Nine Times Earthquake in Pengalengan Today

Daryono explained that during Wednesday morning, nine earthquakes had occurred in Canning. The first three earthquakes were opener, followed by the main earthquake, and then five aftershocks occurred.

The main earthquake, with a magnitude of 3.5, occurred at 8.47.05 WIB with an epicenter at coordinates 7.23 south latitude and 107.59 east longitude, or about 5 km from Danau Cileunca, Pengalengan. The epicenter at a very shallow depth, about 3 kilometers.

“By observing the location of the epicenter and the depth of the hypocenter, it appears that this earthquake was triggered by active fault activity in the Canning area,” explained Daryono. agen ceme deposit pulsa

The Canning Earthquake was also felt in Purbasari, Kertamanah, Puncakmara, Cicayur, and Santosa on an intensity scale II-III MMI.

The first earthquake in Pengalengan occurred around 8.31 WIB and the last aftershock was recorded at 9.10 WIB. The biggest earthquake is the main earthquake, while the smallest is around magnitude 1.6.

The tectonic earthquake in the Pengalengan region is indeed quite active. Previously on November 6, 2016 BMKG noted that this area had also been rocked by a significant earthquake with a magnitude of 4.2 which caused damage to several houses.

Given the series of earthquakes that occurred, the people in Pengalengan are encouraged to be calm but be aware of some of the activities of this small earthquake.

“The Canning Earthquake event for geologists is an interesting phenomenon to study, including identifying and mapping active fault lines in this region,” Daryono concluded.

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