First McDonald Restaurant in Indonesia

First McDonald Restaurant in Indonesia – Who does not know McDonald’s in the Sarinah shopping area, Jalan MH Thamrin, Jakarta or commonly known as McD Sarinah which has now been renamed ToniJack’s. The place turned out to save a lot of memories for Bambang Rachmadi.

First McDonald Restaurant

In Launching ToniJack’s Indonesia, Bambang Rachmadi also recalled the times when he pioneered McD’s founding career in Indonesia.

This place is historic because in Sarinah, in 1991 I started my business as an entrepreneur, recalls TonyJack’s Indonesian owner, Bambang N Rachmadi at TonyJack’s Sarinah, Jakarta.

Bambang’s business story began after he quit President Director of Panin Bank to realize his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. The man who just lost Bank IFI also admitted that he was jealous of his successful customers after getting credit from the bank.

I envy my customers, after being helped by credit, advice, getting to know one another. In a few years it can progress. For me the important thing is not the money, but the satisfaction, he said. Link MenangCeme

Finally in 1991, Bambang succeeded in opening the first McD in Indonesia. Bambang told, when they first did business with McD, they had no idea about the terrain in Indonesia.

When they were here they were afraid because at that time there were many Indonesian officials who wanted McD. That is why Indonesia became the last country in Southeast Asia to enter McD. Indonesia was only 1991, Singapore was from 1985. Finally after I talked they wanted to come here. When they were here they were still pelonggo, they were still stupid. We as local people show this good potato and meat seller and so on, he explained.

But the sweetness of Bambang’s collaboration with McD must now end. Bambang explained, in fact his collaboration with McD would only end in 2011. But on August 11, 2009, McD gave an ultimatum to his party to immediately close his 13 McD outlets on September 15, 2009.

First McDonald Restaurant

I appeal them, out of pity for employees who want Eid on September 20, why do they get fired? We want 2011 to be closed. They decided on September 30th to be closed. So September 30 is a dark day for us. First McDonald But we will prove we can succeed, he explained.

On this day we inaugurated ToniJack Indonesia which will operate in 13 outlets, he said again.

Bambang founded PT Ramako Gerbang Mas which manages 13 McDonald’s outlets in Indonesia in 1991. In 1994, Bambang through his PT Rezeki Murni (PTRM) in collaboration with International Development Services (IDS) affiliated with McD Corp managed 97 McDonald’s outlets in Indonesia .

PTRM’s share ownership is only 10 percent, while the rest is controlled by IDS. Bambang himself stopped being the President Director of PTBNR in May last year.

The conflict arose when BNR suddenly announced the sale of all its assets, namely 97 restaurant outlets to a subsidiary of the Sosro Group, namely PT Rekso Nasional Food. Bambang claimed never to approve the sale of these assets to the Sosro Group.

This conflict with McDonald’s occurred shortly after his IFI Bank was liquidated by the government due to lack of capital. First McDonald Restaurant While BNR whose assets have been sold now still leaves debts of US $ 150 million or Rp 1.5 trillion.

Bambang also filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s Corp worth US $ 105 million for material and immaterial losses related to the sale of 97 assets.

Despite changing the names of 13 McDonald’s outlets, Bambang will continue to sue McDonald’s for the legal dispute it faces at this time.

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