Head of BPIP Explains Religion of the Enemy of Pancasila

Head of BPIP Explains Religion of the Enemy of Pancasila – Head of the Pancasila Ideology Board of Trustees (BPIP) Yudian Wahyudi explained to the House of Representatives Commission II about his two statements which were reaping polemics.

It is known, he sparked public criticism when talking about the ‘religion of enemies of the Pancasila’ and ‘constitution above the holy book’ to the media, in a separate interview opportunity.

Head of BPIP Explains

At the Commission II Hearing Meeting (RDP) at the Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Tuesday (18/2), he received a shower of criticism from at least 15 members of the council from various factions who expressed disappointment with the statement ‘religion of the enemy of Pancasila’.

He later admitted that during the interview he was highlighting religious groups who adhered to extreme understandings. According to him, the group’s actions became a threat to Pancasila as the nation’s ideology. Bandar Ceme Banyak Bonus

“That is what I am reminding, this nation should return to this consensus. I meant this at first. Because if we do not manage it properly, this will become an accusation. That means religion becomes an enemy if there are people who use religion unilaterally to the extreme, “he explained in the meeting.

Yudian said the purpose of his statement was not quoted in full. He felt his statement was wrongly quoted and used as a title by detik.com.

On that occasion, the Chancellor of UIN Sunan Kalijaga also clarified another controversial statement, namely the matter of ‘the constitution above the holy book’.

He argued that it meant that the constitution would overshadow citizens who were carrying out the mandate of the holy book.

“Now a simple example in relation to the constitution is that Muslims suddenly go on Hajj without a passport? What I mean by this [passport] is to represent the constitution. So religion has become a constitution. This is my real intention,” he said.

Yudian said he would follow the proposal of the House of Representatives Commission II and promised not to speak again directly to the mass media.

“I promise that in the future we will use public relations. If it has to be done (giving a statement directly to the mass media), use the name first to be edited, written, drafted, then we will submit it,” he said.

It is known, Member of Commission II of the DPR from the PDIP Faction Johan Budi previously suggested that Yudian use PR to talk to the media.

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