Lucinta Luna is Positive on Drug Consumption

Lucinta Luna is Positive on Drug Consumption – Police arrested celebrity Lucinta Luna related to drug abuse cases.

Celebrities who have joined the Duo Bunga group have also been identified as positively consuming drugs.

Lucinta Luna is Positive on Drug Consumption

“The initial LL positive urine test was carried out containing benzo, it was included in the psychotropic group,” said Head of Metro Jaya Public Relations Police Commissioner Yusri Yunus at Metro Jakarta Police Headquarters, South Jakarta, Tuesday (11/2).

Yusri explained that Lucinta was arrested this morning by members of the West Jakarta Metro Police Satnarkoba at Thamrin City Apartment, Central Jakarta. He was arrested along with three other people namely H, D, and N.

“Two people are staff, one person is a partner,” he said.

From the results of urine tests on the three, Yusri said, the three were not proven to consume drugs.

“The third one (urine test results) is negative,” he said. ceme online terpercaya

Lucinta is a celebrity who was once joined in the group Duo Bunga. In early 2018, his name became a lively public discussion because of the news as transgender.

The police secured a celebrity Lucinta in an apartment in the Central Jakarta area. Lucinta Luna is secured in connection with a drug case.

Head of Metro Jaya Police Public Relations Commissioner Yusri Yunus said Lucinta Luna was secured on Tuesday (02/11/2020) this morning. Lucinta was secured with 3 other people.

“This morning at Thamrin City Apartment successfully secured 4 people with the initials LL, there are initials H, D, and M,” said Commissioner Yusri Yunus told reporters at the Jakarta Metropolitan Police, Jakarta, Tuesday (02/11/2020).

The police then searched the apartment and found 3 ecstasy pills.

“(Found) in a waste basket,” Yusri added.

The police then conducted a urine test on Lucinta Luna et al. The results of the examination, Lucinta Luna tested positive for drugs.

“The person brought to West Jakarta Police conducted a positive LL initial urine test containing Benzo, it entered psychotropic drugs,” Yusri explained.

While three of his friends were drug negative. At this time Lucinta Luna et al are still being examined at West Jakarta Police.

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