Mengharukan Sepasang Perawat Kembar Meninggal Akibat Covid-19

Mengharukan Sepasang Perawat Kembar Meninggal Akibat Covid-19 – The melancholy story again occurs due to the corona virus attack which is still continuing to this day. This time a pair of identical twins reportedly died from this virus.

Reporting from BBC News, identical twin brothers namely Katy and Emma Davis from Southampton died from exposure to the Covid-19 virus.

Mengharukan Sepasang Perawat

These twin brothers died within three days, alternating with each other after being tested positive for the corona virus. domino qiu qiu

Katy Davis, who works as a 37-year-old child nurse, died at Southampton General Hospital on Tuesday (21/04).

Then followed by the twin, Emma Davis, who is also a former nurse, died at the same hospital on Friday morning (24/04).

“They always say that they have come to the world together and will go together too.” said Zoe, their sister quoted from BBC News. Mengharukan Sepasang Perawat

The older brother testified that his two younger siblings were the most extraordinary couple in the world. “There are no words to describe how special they are,” Zoe told BBC News.

“What they want is to help others. Since they were little, they pretend to be doctors and nurses who care for their dolls,

They provide everything for all the patients they care for. They are amazing. I don’t think all of this is real, “Zoe concluded.

Katy, who worked at Southampton Children’s Hospital, tested positive for Covid-19 when she was admitted to the hospital and died on Tuesday night.

Paula Head, chief executive of Southampton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Katy has been described by her colleagues as a nurse and nursing is more than just a job for her,”

“On behalf of everyone here, including our patients and the community we serve, I want to express our sincere condolences to his family.” said Paula’s condolences.

Emma Davis has also worked in the same hospital as her sister in the colorectal surgery unit for nine years since 2013.

In a message to staff, chief nursing officer Gail Byrne said: “She has the same underlying health condition as Katy, was unwell before being admitted to the hospital when she was tested positive for Covid-19,” Mengharukan Sepasang Perawat

“It goes without saying how terrible and tragic this is for the family and all who know them. Emma is described as a great nurse who is calm and cheerful and a good leader,” said Gail Byrne.

As a form of respect, hospital staff held a “Clap for Katy” outside the main entrance on Thursday night, a few hours before Emma’s death.

According to a list compiled by the Nursing Times, as many as 50 nurses in the UK had died during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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