Lucinta Luna is Positive on Drug Consumption

Lucinta Luna is Positive on Drug Consumption – Police arrested celebrity Lucinta Luna related to drug abuse cases.

Celebrities who have joined the Duo Bunga group have also been identified as positively consuming drugs.

Lucinta Luna is Positive on Drug Consumption

“The initial LL positive urine test was carried out containing benzo, it was included in the psychotropic group,” said Head of Metro Jaya Public Relations Police Commissioner Yusri Yunus at Metro Jakarta Police Headquarters, South Jakarta, Tuesday (11/2).

Yusri explained that Lucinta was arrested this morning by members of the West Jakarta Metro Police Satnarkoba at Thamrin City Apartment, Central Jakarta. He was arrested along with three other people namely H, D, and N.

“Two people are staff, one person is a partner,” he said.

From the results of urine tests on the three, Yusri said, the three were not proven to consume drugs.

“The third one (urine test results) is negative,” he said. ceme online terpercaya

Lucinta is a celebrity who was once joined in the group Duo Bunga. In early 2018, his name became a lively public discussion because of the news as transgender.

The police secured a celebrity Lucinta in an apartment in the Central Jakarta area. Lucinta Luna is secured in connection with a drug case.

Head of Metro Jaya Police Public Relations Commissioner Yusri Yunus said Lucinta Luna was secured on Tuesday (02/11/2020) this morning. Lucinta was secured with 3 other people.

“This morning at Thamrin City Apartment successfully secured 4 people with the initials LL, there are initials H, D, and M,” said Commissioner Yusri Yunus told reporters at the Jakarta Metropolitan Police, Jakarta, Tuesday (02/11/2020).

The police then searched the apartment and found 3 ecstasy pills.

“(Found) in a waste basket,” Yusri added.

The police then conducted a urine test on Lucinta Luna et al. The results of the examination, Lucinta Luna tested positive for drugs.

“The person brought to West Jakarta Police conducted a positive LL initial urine test containing Benzo, it entered psychotropic drugs,” Yusri explained.

While three of his friends were drug negative. At this time Lucinta Luna et al are still being examined at West Jakarta Police.

Using Automotive Donation As A Tax Deduction

Automotive Donation

Using Automotive Donation As A Tax Deduction – Lots of people discover that with automobile donation they’re able to eliminate some older automobiles, but in addition they’re able to get a tax deduction from the donation. The easiest way to avoid wasting your some money is to donate the automotive. Keep in thoughts that you’re donating the automobile for a superb trigger (more often than not to learn a trigger).

Using Automotive Donation As A Tax Deduction

On the subject of giving the automotive away for charity, you’ll wish to be sure that the automobile has good tires, however it doesn’t need to be a working automotive. You’ll need to needless to say whenever you give away a ineffective automotive, they’ll be capable to promote the spare components or use it for scrap metallic. You’ll wish to understand that generally the smaller charities do require that you just give them an honest automotive, nonetheless, more often than not the charities will take something poker online chip gratis.

For these who’re fascinated about donating you’ll need to subtract the automotive bills in case you are giving it to charity. You’ll want to use for t donation choice, however all you want to do is file a 503-c3 or a donation kind after which you’ll be capable of get a tax break from the straightforward act of generosity.

The rationale why many charities will take on this position is as a result of they’re in a position to offer again to the local people with the fund. You’ll need to remember that when they promote the automobile, they may let you recognize what the worth is. You’ll must just remember to do the whole lot you could to maintain shut ties with the automotive donation charity. This manner you’ll be capable to get the right quantity of tax deductions that you simply deserve.

All Cultural Activities in China Stalled

All Cultural Activities in China Stalled – For 15 years, Christian Y. Schmidt has lived in Beijing. DW interviewed him about cultural activities amid the spread of the corona virus.

DW: China is being hit by the fear of the corona virus. How are you doing now?

Christian Y. Schmidt: I’m fine. Until now there are no problems, just everything becomes rather complicated if you want to travel outside the home. We must be fully clothed, with masks, gloves, and special glasses, to prevent infection. So everything needs time. The risk of transmission is indeed relatively high.

Cultural Activities in China Stalled

You usually go to the theater or an art exhibition. Are there still cultural activities now?

No, all activities are stopped. Usually during the holidays the New Year is indeed quiet, for several days. Beijing city is usually empty, there is no activity. Most restaurants and supermarkets are now closed. Cultural performances also don’t exist.

All Cultural Activities in China Stalled

But this time, everything lasts longer. The holiday period is extended, and people are asked to stay at home whenever possible. Beijing is completely paralyzed. Nobody goes to work – just street sweepers and bus drivers. The only place we meet people is the supermarket. All cultural events are canceled. The theater was closed, the cinemas which were usually filled with people during the New Year celebration did not operate. Chinese internet managers are now buying movie show rights and playing them on the internet. It’s likely that all Chinese people now watch movies on the internet or via smartphones.

So is this epidemic paralyzing public activities, including cultural activities?

The whole country is paralyzed. People in laur have to wear masks. If you want to take the subway, people must first measure body temperature. If your body temperature is above normal, you can’t take the train. LINK 99BANDAR

Are there cultural or artistic actions that raise the threat of this virus as a theme?

I only know of a video clip of a Chinese artist, standing in the middle of a city in Europe, with his eyes bound and carrying a poster: “I am not a virus” (I’m not a virus). That’s a lot of views here. The internet is practically the only medium for exchanging information. Now on the internet are starting to emerge some creative jokes about this virus.

How About a Joke?

For example, with Corona beer from Mexico: a Corona beer bottle is on the table alone on the left. Then on the other side of the table gathered 15 Heineken beer beers, they together wore a mask. So it seems, the 15 Heineken beers are afraid of one Corona beer.

Another joke, now the police often ask us on the road, how our travel route. Then someone wrote on the internet: My route? Living room, bedroom, toilet, kitchen, living room. Space for many people is now limited in their own homes. They like making their own karantin.

Are there criticisms of the government’s steps and policies to deal with this epidemic?

Criticism comes mainly from bloggers, especially about policy management. Now many know, that at first there was a warning about this virus, but it was ignored by local officials. Then after the virus spreads, there is no immediate ban on mass events. Of course many people are angry because of that. There is indeed a censorship, but it is impossible to filter out all the criticism that is scattered.

Valeting And Interior Car Detailing

Interior Car

Valeting And Interior Car Detailing – Having a automobile today is now not thought-about a luxurious. If you reside within the US, it’s a necessity to have a automobile. So when you have already got a automobile, it’s essential to take good care of it by way of the inside automobile detailing and automotive valeting.

Valeting And Interior Car Detailing

Let’s look into inside automobile detailing. This isn’t a really troublesome process as a result of you’ll be able to do that your self. To begin of, examine the carpets of the automotive. Attempt to take away all of the stains on the automobile carpet utilizing a brush and a stain remover. But earlier than you take away the stain, you might want to vacuum it first. For the mild stains, get a spray bottle and dilute the answer inside it.

Don’t spray an excessive amount of in order that mildew might be prevented. After the stains are eliminated, let the carpet dry fully. Don’t overlook to wash the flooring mats of your automotive. You need to use a inflexible or stiff brush to scrub the ground mat and take it exterior to dry utterly.

Second, you possibly can look into the upholstery. Vacuum all of the automotive seats and if you discover any stains, take away it identical to the way you eliminated the carpet stains. Leave the doorways of the automobile open to dry the seats.

Check the door jambs. You should utilize soapy options to wash the plastic and steel elements of the automotive door. Use a rag to dry the door jambs. If you discover harder stains, you need to use brushes or Q-tricks to take away it daftar poker online terpercaya.

The automotive home windows ought to be cleaned with a glass cleaner utilizing soapy options. Just remember to dry the window totally and erase streaks.

The dashboard may include dirt and stains. Remember to not spray any cleansing resolution or water on the dashboard of your automobile. Put cleansing options on the cleansing instruments after which cautiously clear the buttons and knobs. Everything must be dried completely.

So that you see, inside automotive detailing will not be as onerous as you assume. You may even do it your self. There are additionally automobile kits that you could buy if you wish to do the duty your self. You may make investments on the automotive kits and maintain the cleanliness of your automobile with out paying for any detailing service. Some automobile detailing companies cost excessive charges and so if you wish to keep away from such excessive charges, do the inside automobile detailing by yourself. Just comply with the steps talked about earlier and your automobile will all the time look model new Interior Car.

Car valeting is one other service supplied to automotive homeowners. For those who want valet, you possibly can merely contact the corporate that gives such service. Inquire at your native state enterprise registry and you can be capable of finding the automobile valeting providers accessible in your space. You’ll be able to contact them by cellphone or if you would like, you’ll be able to go to their officeand take your automobile with you.Special events generally require your automobile to be extra presentable and formal and maybe a automobile valet could make your automotive seem like new once more.

Interior automotive detailing and valeting is usually a DIY exercise. Try it your self and you can be extra connected to your automotive. You’ll love each second of it and also you even brag about it to your friends for Interior Car… allow them to see the way you care on your treasured automotive. If you happen to want to decide on a automotive valeting and detailing service supplier, just be sure you select solely the perfect.

First McDonald Restaurant in Indonesia

First McDonald Restaurant in Indonesia – Who does not know McDonald’s in the Sarinah shopping area, Jalan MH Thamrin, Jakarta or commonly known as McD Sarinah which has now been renamed ToniJack’s. The place turned out to save a lot of memories for Bambang Rachmadi.

First McDonald Restaurant

In Launching ToniJack’s Indonesia, Bambang Rachmadi also recalled the times when he pioneered McD’s founding career in Indonesia.

This place is historic because in Sarinah, in 1991 I started my business as an entrepreneur, recalls TonyJack’s Indonesian owner, Bambang N Rachmadi at TonyJack’s Sarinah, Jakarta.

Bambang’s business story began after he quit President Director of Panin Bank to realize his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. The man who just lost Bank IFI also admitted that he was jealous of his successful customers after getting credit from the bank.

I envy my customers, after being helped by credit, advice, getting to know one another. In a few years it can progress. For me the important thing is not the money, but the satisfaction, he said. Link MenangCeme

Finally in 1991, Bambang succeeded in opening the first McD in Indonesia. Bambang told, when they first did business with McD, they had no idea about the terrain in Indonesia.

When they were here they were afraid because at that time there were many Indonesian officials who wanted McD. That is why Indonesia became the last country in Southeast Asia to enter McD. Indonesia was only 1991, Singapore was from 1985. Finally after I talked they wanted to come here. When they were here they were still pelonggo, they were still stupid. We as local people show this good potato and meat seller and so on, he explained.

But the sweetness of Bambang’s collaboration with McD must now end. Bambang explained, in fact his collaboration with McD would only end in 2011. But on August 11, 2009, McD gave an ultimatum to his party to immediately close his 13 McD outlets on September 15, 2009.

First McDonald Restaurant

I appeal them, out of pity for employees who want Eid on September 20, why do they get fired? We want 2011 to be closed. They decided on September 30th to be closed. So September 30 is a dark day for us. First McDonald But we will prove we can succeed, he explained.

On this day we inaugurated ToniJack Indonesia which will operate in 13 outlets, he said again.

Bambang founded PT Ramako Gerbang Mas which manages 13 McDonald’s outlets in Indonesia in 1991. In 1994, Bambang through his PT Rezeki Murni (PTRM) in collaboration with International Development Services (IDS) affiliated with McD Corp managed 97 McDonald’s outlets in Indonesia .

PTRM’s share ownership is only 10 percent, while the rest is controlled by IDS. Bambang himself stopped being the President Director of PTBNR in May last year.

The conflict arose when BNR suddenly announced the sale of all its assets, namely 97 restaurant outlets to a subsidiary of the Sosro Group, namely PT Rekso Nasional Food. Bambang claimed never to approve the sale of these assets to the Sosro Group.

This conflict with McDonald’s occurred shortly after his IFI Bank was liquidated by the government due to lack of capital. First McDonald Restaurant While BNR whose assets have been sold now still leaves debts of US $ 150 million or Rp 1.5 trillion.

Bambang also filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s Corp worth US $ 105 million for material and immaterial losses related to the sale of 97 assets.

Despite changing the names of 13 McDonald’s outlets, Bambang will continue to sue McDonald’s for the legal dispute it faces at this time.

Nine Times Earthquake in Pengalengan Today

Nine Times Earthquake in Pengalengan Today – SESAR is active in Pengalengan, West Java, which triggered at least nine earthquakes today, Wednesday (5/2/2020). As stated by the Head of the Earthquake Information and Tsunami Early Warning Agency, the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), Daryono.

Nine Times Earthquake in Pengalengan Today

Daryono explained that during Wednesday morning, nine earthquakes had occurred in Canning. The first three earthquakes were opener, followed by the main earthquake, and then five aftershocks occurred.

The main earthquake, with a magnitude of 3.5, occurred at 8.47.05 WIB with an epicenter at coordinates 7.23 south latitude and 107.59 east longitude, or about 5 km from Danau Cileunca, Pengalengan. The epicenter at a very shallow depth, about 3 kilometers.

“By observing the location of the epicenter and the depth of the hypocenter, it appears that this earthquake was triggered by active fault activity in the Canning area,” explained Daryono. agen ceme deposit pulsa

The Canning Earthquake was also felt in Purbasari, Kertamanah, Puncakmara, Cicayur, and Santosa on an intensity scale II-III MMI.

The first earthquake in Pengalengan occurred around 8.31 WIB and the last aftershock was recorded at 9.10 WIB. The biggest earthquake is the main earthquake, while the smallest is around magnitude 1.6.

The tectonic earthquake in the Pengalengan region is indeed quite active. Previously on November 6, 2016 BMKG noted that this area had also been rocked by a significant earthquake with a magnitude of 4.2 which caused damage to several houses.

Given the series of earthquakes that occurred, the people in Pengalengan are encouraged to be calm but be aware of some of the activities of this small earthquake.

“The Canning Earthquake event for geologists is an interesting phenomenon to study, including identifying and mapping active fault lines in this region,” Daryono concluded.

Hunian Eksklusif di Kawasan Ibu Kota Baru

Hunian Eksklusif di Kawasan Ibu Kota Baru – Borneo Bay City, mahakarya developer berskala nasional PT. Agung Podomoro Land, Tbk viral pada Agustus 2019 lalu. Tepat sehari setelah Presiden Jokowi mengumumkan Ibu Kota pindah dari Jakarta ke Kalimantan Timur.

Di istana Negara, APL langsung bergerak cepat memasarkan produk premiumnya di Kota Balikpapan Kalimantan Timur. Ini menjadi berita sukacita bagi masyarakat di Pulau Kalimantan. Pasalnya, Kaltim layak menjadi Ibu Kota Baru karena sejumlah kelebihannya, antara lain memiliki lahan yang luas, relatif bebas dari bencana gempa bumi maupun erupsi gunung api, serta memiliki sumber daya air yang cukup.
Terlebih, Kaltim juga telah memiliki infrastruktur modern seperti bandara dan Pelabuhan Internasional, serta jalan tol. Struktur demografi yang heterogen juga memungkinkan masyarakatnya beradaptasi dengan berbagai perubahan yang akan terjadi. Tentunya, hal ini membawa angin segar untuk dunia investasi, terutama di bidang properti.

Hunian Eksklusif

CEO Borneo Bay City Paul Christian mengatakan, Balikpapan sebagai kota penyangga utama kawasan Ibu Kota Baru tentu mendapat dampak paling positif dari perpindahan ibu kota.

“Hal ini tentu membuat para penggiat industri properti di Balikpapan semakin antusias sebab permintaan akan hunian, terutama di daerah premium, akan melonjak pesat,” kata Paul. Aplikasi Bandar Ceme

Menjawab peluang tersebut, PT Agung Podomoro Land Tbk (APL) turut hadir melalui salah satu Masterpiece-nya yaitu Borneo Bay City, sebuah kawasan superblok bertaraf internasional modern pertama yang berada di tepi laut Balikpapan, yakni di Jalan Jenderal Sudirman 1 yang menghadap ke Selat Makassar.

Lokasi ini hanya 15 menit dari Bandara Internasional SAMS Sepinggan, 7 menit dari Pelabuhan Internasional Semayang, 8 menit dari kawasan Refinery V Kilang minyak Pertamina Balikpapan, dan berjarak kurang lebih 20 menit dari pusat pemerintahan Ibu Kota Baru melalui akses tol laut Balikpapan Penajam Paser Utara sejauh kira-kira 7,35 kilometer yang kelak akan dibangun. Aksesibilitas menuju Borneo Bay City ini pun sangat mudah karena berada di pusat bisnis yang dilalui berbagai transportasi umum di Kota Balikpapan.

Borneo Bay City dikembangkan sebagai hunian berstandar internasional yang didesain oleh DP Architecht Singapore. Konsultan arsitektur ini telah berpengalaman pada proyek-proyek berskala internasional, di antaranya membangun Borneo Bay City memiliki mutu internasional, baik dari sisi desain bangunan, lanskap, maupun fasilitas.

Hunian Eksklusif

Dibangun di atas lahan seluas 10 hektare, Borneo Bay City merupakan kawasan superblok yang saling terintegrasi antara Hotel bintang 5, 3 Shopping Mall besar (Plaza Balikpapan, Balikpapan Trade Center, Podomoro Bay Mall), dan 7 tower apartemen berjumlah 1.220 unit. Kawasan ini dilengkapi pula dengan beach club, dan ruang terbuka hijau (Bay Park) seluas total 2 hektare.

Paul menambahkan, para penghuni di Borneo Bay City juga akan dimanjakan dengan berbagai fasilitas yang sangat lengkap dan modern, seperti Private Sky Facilities yang merupakan fasilitas bagi para penghuni apartemen yang berada di ketinggian 11 lantai dengan pemandangan langsung menghadap ke laut lepas.

“Fasilitas seluas 1 hektare ini meliputi 4 kolam renang (infinity pool, jacuzzi, 2 kolam renang anak), jogging track area, BBQ area, club house, area pusat kebugaran, sauna, area bermain anak, dan taman terbuka hijau yang luas,” ujarnya.

Tersedia dengan 4 pilihan tipe unit, yaitu studio, 1 kamar tidur, 2 kamar tidur, dan 3 kamar tidur, apartemen bertaraf internasional ini menyuguhkan perpaduan “living in blue and green with harmony”. Borneo Bay City membuat wajah kota besar terlihat ramah dan bersahabat untuk keluarga tercinta.

Dengan segala fasilitas tersebut, tinggal di kawasan Borneo Bay City memberikan nilai tambah yang tinggi akan terciptanya gaya hidup yang sehat dan efisien, tempat penghuninya dapat bekerja, beristirahat, bermain, dan berkumpul bersama keluarga dengan kualitas hidup terbaik.

“Borneo Bay City menjadikan keindahan alam yang modern sebagai keunggulan utama dari produknya sebab tinggal di kota besar tidak harus selalu identik dengan polusi. Melihat apa yang ditawarkan Borneo Bay City dengan kawasan Hunian Eksklusif yang lengkap dan terintegrasi, sudah pasti nilai properti di kawasan tersebut menguntungkan,” ungkap Paul.

Australian Open Champion Priska Madelyn Nugroho Arrives in Indonesia

Australian Open Champion Priska Madelyn Nugroho Arrives in Indonesia – The grand slam champion of the Australian Open Junior 2020, Priska Madelyn Nugroho, arrived in the country. The 18-year-old tennis player was welcomed by the tennis management and his family.

Priska was in the spotlight after winning the 2020 Australian Open tournament. Pairing up with Filipino Alexandra Alexandra, Priska’s final against ZivaFalkner / Matilda Mutavdzic scored 6-1, 6-2 at Melbourne Park

A day later, Priska immediately returned to Indonesia. He arrived at Soekarno Hatta airport, Jakarta, at 18:30 West Indonesia Time, after flying on a GA 717 aircraft.

Priska’s arrival was warmly welcomed by the family and the Executive Board of the Indonesian Field Tennis Association (PP Pelti). Priska herself claimed she was proud to be able to give the title and make Indonesia proud. Bandar Ceme Terpercaya 2020

“I am grateful for this welcome from PP Pelti and the support of all Indonesian fans,” said Priska, after receiving a bouquet of flowers from the Pelti board.

Certainly proud to be able to bring the name of Indonesia champion in the grand slam again. But yes I will stay focused and try to continue to improve, and do not be easily satisfied, he continued.

This victory became the first five years ago. At that time, Tami Grande, who was paired with Qiu Yu Ye in the women’s doubles number also made Indonesia famous in Wimbledon 2014.

Although proud, Priska was also curious to win in singles. In individual numbers, Priska was stopped in round three of the Australian Open Junior 2020.

Actually, before this I was always good at singles. When competing at Wimbledon and US Open can reach the quarter round, here (the Australian Open) is only round three, indeed under expectations, yes there is still much that needs to be improved, he explained.

I also don’t want to focus on which numbers because juniors are indeed single and double combined. But yes, try both of them first, in senior too, he added.

Manfaat Si Buah Merah Bernama Stroberi


Manfaat Si Buah Merah Bernama Stroberi – Siapa yang tak mengenal buah cantik berwarna merah bernama stroberi. Selain bentuk nya yang unik, buah ini memiliki cita rasa manis dan juga asam.

Manfaat Si Buah Merah Bernama Stroberi

Selain enak nyatanya stroberi banyak memiliki manfaat bagi tubuh dan ampuh untuk obat kecantikan kulit wanita.

Tak heran jika banyak makanan minuman dan perlengkapan kecantikan berasal dari buah cantik ini.

Manfaat bagi tubuh yakni bisa menurunkan berat badan. Jadi orang yang saat ini sedang menjalankan diet, sangat di anjurkan untuk mengkonsumsi stroberi karena kandungan gula dan juga karbohidrat dalam buah ini sangat rendah.

Jelas juga bahwa buah ini sangat baik buat pencernaan. Jadi jika pencernaan lancar, maka kondisi tubuh bisa di pastikan dalam kondisi sehat. Dengan sistem pencernaan yang lancar, maka racun dalam tubuh bisa di buang.

Dengan kandungan vitamin yang tinggi, pastinya sistem kekebalan tubuh akan lebih baik di bandingkan dengan orang yang jarang mengkonsumi buah ini.

Dan dengan fungsi kekebalan tubuh yang baik, penyakit dan bakteri akan susah masuk kedalam tubuh.

Manfaat lainnya yakni bisa menjaga kesehatan mata, menangkal radikal bebas yang berpotensi kanker dan bagus untuk kesehatan otak.

Selain untuk tubuh, stroberry juga bagus untuk kesehatan kulit dari segi kecantikan luar.

Di zaman sekarang sudah banyak sekali di temukan produk kecantikan yang bersumber dari stroberry seperti masker, lipbalm, lotion, sabun hingga vitamin dalam bentuk kapsul.

Ampuh juga untuk mengobati jerawat dan bisa membuat kulit wajah lebih segar.

Cukup jadikan buah ini sebagai jus atau masker kulit dan rutinlah mengkonsumsinya poker online indonesia terpercaya.

Dengan kandungan vitamin yang tinggi, buah ini sangat bagus untuk mencegah penuaan dini, kulit lebih kenyal sehingga  kulit lebih menawan dan lebih cantik pastinya.

Juga mengandung kolagen yang tinggi sehingga bisa menghilangkan kerutan pada wajah

Selain cara di atas mengkonsumsi stroberry secara langsung juga sangat baik bagi kesehatan tubuh.

Fakta yang lebih mengejutkan yakni stroberry bisa mencegah radang sendi dan bisa menyegarkan mulut.

Ekonomi zona euro nyaris tidak tumbuh sama sekali

Ekonomi zona euro dari 19 negara Uni Eropa hampir tidak tumbuh sama sekali pada kuartal terakhir tahun lalu.

Perkiraan resmi pertama menempatkan pertumbuhan ekonomi di wilayah ini pada 0,1% selama tiga bulan hingga akhir Desember 2019.

Ekonomi zona euro nyaris tidak tumbuh sama sekali

Dua ekonomi terbesar zona euro menyusut pada periode tersebut: Prancis sebesar 0,1% dan Italia sebesar 0,3%.

Namun, pasar pekerjaan dalam kondisi yang lebih baik, dengan jumlah orang yang menganggur turun 34.000.

Belum ada angka yang terpisah untuk Jerman. Tetapi Claus Vistesen dari Pantheon Macro mengatakan bahwa berdasarkan data yang dirilis sejauh ini, pertumbuhan ekonomi terbesar Eropa adalah sekitar 0,2%. poker deposit pulsa

Di antara mereka yang telah menerbitkan data nasional mereka sendiri, Spanyol adalah yang terkuat, melanjutkan pola rebound yang relatif kuat setelah krisis keuangannya.

Tapi gambaran keseluruhan suram.

Target inflasi
Di Prancis, penurunan mencerminkan perusahaan yang menjual dari stok barang mereka, daripada memproduksi yang baru, dan juga penurunan ekspor.

Ketegangan perdagangan dan dampaknya terhadap ekspor telah menjadi masalah berulang, meredam kinerja ekonomi di sejumlah negara, terutama Jerman, sejak Presiden AS Donald Trump menjabat. Pemogokan dan protes atas reformasi pensiun juga merupakan faktor di Prancis.

Penurunan aktivitas ekonomi Italia juga sebagian mencerminkan saham-saham mengalami penurunan.

Zona euro telah didukung sejak krisis keuangan regional oleh kebijakan Bank Sentral Eropa (ECB).

Ini memiliki suku bunga yang sangat rendah, salah satunya saat ini di bawah nol, dan untuk sebagian besar waktu, telah menempuh kebijakan pelonggaran kuantitatif, membeli aset keuangan dengan uang yang baru dibuat.

Angka pertumbuhan yang lemah menunjukkan bahwa akhir dari kebijakan yang tidak biasa itu masih jauh.

ECB memiliki target inflasi di bawah ini, tetapi mendekati 2%, dan salah satu alasannya mempertahankan suku bunga serendah itu adalah karena menganggap inflasi terlalu rendah.

Angka-angka lain yang baru saja diterbitkan menunjukkan bahwa tingkat inflasi naik sedikit pada bulan Januari menjadi 1,4%. Tetapi tingkat yang mendasarinya, yang tidak termasuk energi volatil dan harga makanan, merosot ke 1,1%.

Berita yang lebih menggembirakan adalah penurunan pengangguran. 7,4%, ini adalah yang terendah sejak Mei 2008.

Ada beberapa variasi yang sangat luas antar negara. Tetapi bahkan mereka yang memiliki tingkat pengangguran tertinggi – terutama Yunani dan Spanyol – telah mengalami penurunan besar sejak krisis zona euro mencapai puncaknya.