Regions Are Still Green Zones, Regent of Sampang and Sumenep Asked to Share Secrets

Regions Are Still Green Zones, Regent of Sampang and Sumenep Asked to Share Secrets

Regions Are Still Green Zones, Regent of Sampang and Sumenep Asked to Share Secrets – There are 2 areas in East Java that are currently still in the Green Zone in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The two regions are Sumenep Regency and also Sampang Regency.

Regions Are Still Green Zones, Regent of Sampang and Sumenep Asked to Share Secrets

Because of this East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa and East Java Deputy Governor Emil Elestianto Dardak and East Java Provincial Secretary Heru Tjahjono held and conducted a teleconference with two regents from each of these regions.

Sampang Regent Slamet Junaidi and Sumenep Regent Busyo Karim were asked to share their secrets so that they could keep their area Green.

Each of the Regents recounted in turn how they had become their regions to become regions without PDP patients or Positive Covid-19.

Slamet Junaidi said that they were active in going to the field to monitor their citizens. From morning till evening they are still in the field to monitor directly.

Then Slamet also told me where their car broke down in the middle of the forest where they wanted to go to a place believed to be still having a wedding celebration.

He wanted to appeal for the event to be postponed until COVID-19 was passed. And appeal to the public with the importance of keeping a distance during a pandemic.

Likewise with the Regent of Sumenep Busyo Karim who insisted that he could maintain the Green zone because his area had carried out and implemented strict rules Poker Online Pontianak.

All who came were screened and seen their health, there were also some who went home. Then there are also community leaders who come to appeal and raise public awareness. As appealed for the wedding to be postponed first.

China There Are 46 New Cases of Corona Virus in a Day

China There Are 46 New Cases of Corona Virus in a Day

China There Are 46 New Cases of Corona Virus in a Day – Chinese authorities report a slight increase in the number of new cases of Corona virus (COVID-19) in the region. At least 46 new cases, mostly imported cases, were detected in a day in mainland China as the country struggled to ward off the second wave of Corona virus.

As reported by the Xinhua News Agency and Reuters news agency on Saturday (04/11/2020), the Chinese National Health Commission (NHC) reported 46 new cases were detected during Friday (10/4) local time. This number increased slightly compared to the previous day with 42 new cases.

Four cases of domestic or local transmission were reported in Guangdong – 3 cases and Heilongjiang – one case.

China There Are 46 New Cases of Corona Virus in a Day

Heilongjiang Province authorities have reported a spike in recent cases. Most of the new cases arose from Chinese citizens who had just returned from Russia by crossing the border crossings in the province. The provincial health authority reported 22 new cases throughout Friday (10/4), all of which involved Chinese citizens who had just returned from Russia. There is only one domestic in this province.

Total cases of Corona virus in mainland China now reach 81,953 cases. While the death toll reached 3,339 people, with three new Poker Online Medan deaths all in Hubei Province – the initial location of the Corona virus was detected.

At least 70 patients were discharged from the hospital during Friday (10/4) local time, so that a total of 77,525 Corona virus patients were declared cured and discharged from the hospital so far. The remaining 1,089 patients are still undergoing medical treatment.

7 Sushi You Must Order When Going To Japanese Restaurant

7 Sushi You Must Order When Going To Japanese Restaurant – Eating in a Japanese restaurant is incomplete if you don’t eat sushi. This food is practical because it contains rice and side dishes in each serving.

Sushi is a Japanese food that has a variety of filling. Citing the Sehatq page, sushi is generally made from rice and raw fish fed with rice vinegar.

Staying dipped into the sauce according to taste. And if you like, you can add toasted sesame and wasabi. But if you want good sushi for health, choose a simple one without the addition of sauce. Cara Bermain Poker

If you are going to a Japanese restaurant, you should order the following 7 types of sushi because it is good for health:


Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids which are quite high, making it one of the best types of sushi for health. Salmon meat is sliced ​​and then placed on nigiri sushi or rolled in maki sushi.


Tuna can be rolled or sliced ​​directly in fillets and served on rice. The nutritional content of tuna is good for pregnant women and children. Tuna should not be given mayonnaise sauce, because in mayonnaise sauce there is extra fat and calories.


Lots of sushi that combines avocados, fish and vegetables. Avocados can be the best sushi choices for health because they contain vegetable fat and fiber for heart health.

Vegetarian sushi

For vegetarians, healthy sushi does not mean having to include fish. Instead, sushi can be filled with vegetable protein derived from cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms, onions, asparagus, avocados, and tofu.

California Roll

California Roll is a classic type of sushi consisting of rice, nori, avocado, cucumber, and crab (usually a processed or surimi crab).

Rainbow Roll

Attractive colors and beautiful views, are the hallmarks of this healthy sushi. Rainbow Roll combines surimi, salmon, shrimp, tuna and others. Fish fillet slices are placed on a rice roll to create an appetizing sushi color. High protein because it is obtained from all types of fish and avocados that contain healthy fats.


Because it is served without rice, sashimi contains fewer calories than eating sushi. Apply this sliced ​​raw fish with wasabi because wasabi has antimicrobial properties that can prevent food poisoning.

Save Porn Videos, Ali Suspects Insultant Jokowi Snared Article Layered

Save Porn Videos, Ali Suspects Insultant Jokowi Snared Article Layered – The police ensnared Ali Baharsyah, a suspect in an insulting case against President Joko Widodo with multiple articles. In addition to insulting the authorities, Ali also kept several pornographic videos.

Save Porn Videos

For his actions, Ali was ensnared by the ITE Law, Article eliminating racial and ethnic discrimination, Article 207 insulting the authorities and public bodies and the Pornography Act.

“Then also found several files from digital forensics about videos containing pornographic elements. So that we concerned added a layered article relating to the pornography law,” said Kasubdit II of the Criminal Act Directorate of the Criminal Police Headquarters of Himawan Kombes at the press conference through the Police Public Relations Division YouTube account on Monday (6/4/2020).

In the case of insulting Jokowi, the police also briefly arrested three of Ali’s colleagues, namely HAF (39), AH (24) and AAP (20).

He said the four were arrested at a house in the Cipinang area, East Jakarta, on Friday (3/4/2020) at around 20:30 West Indonesia Time. Alimuddin spread hoaks and insults through his Twitter account @ alibaharsyah007.

“Regarding cases carried out by someone by posting or making them available related to content and videos relating to insults to the authorities, then they also contain elements of racial discrimination and racial and ethnic discrimination,” said Himawan.

Himawan said that Ali Baharsyah himself has now been declared a suspect. The other three were still being investigated by the investigator with the status of witnesses.

Save Porn Videos

“For his three friends, an in-depth examination is being carried out and currently still a witness and examination of evidence to be carried out in a digital forensic laboratory of evidence owned by these three friends,” he said. cara menang bandar ceme

According to Himawan, Ali Baharsyah has been monitored by the Indonesian Police Criminal Investigation Team since 2018. Several times, they are also often reported to the police because they often distribute videos containing lies and charged with SARA. Save Porn Videos

“The modus operandi is for the person to do the posting activity, which was previously made a video, recorded the video and then posted relating to the elements of SARA, ethnic and racial discrimination,” he said.

“Then the lies are lies, insults to the authorities who also post and are marketed through social media accounts and the existing WhatsApp group,” Himawan added.

From the results of the interim examination, it was suspected that the suspect’s motive was to spread the contents of the video to spread the understanding adopted by his group. Nowadays, said Himawan, his party is also exploring the issues of the group.

“From the results of examining the motive of the suspect is to disseminate the understanding he believes in, which is a number of opposing ideas as well.

In addition to arresting the four people, his party also confiscated a number of items of evidence such as; four mobile units, three modem units, 104 DVDs, 11 hard drive units, five memory card units, five flash units, one laptop unit, one camera unit, two tripod units, and one voice recorder unit.
Then two ID cards, one book, one spotlight, one pink shirt, black blazer and one gray hat used by the perpetrators when producing content in the video.

Wants Of Child Boomers

Wants Of Child Boomers

Wants Of Child Boomers – Baby Boomers, What They need and What They Expect In Today’s Society When it comes to generations, one of many generations within the United States that contributed too much when it comes to political, cultural, industrial, financial system, and tutorial is the child boomers period. This period is likely one of the highlights of the United States historical past and additionally it is an period the place the economic system was on an all time excessive.

Wants Of Child Boomers

Initially, it’s important to know why it is named the child boomers era and which persons are included on this technology. The child boomers technology is composed of people that have been born between the years 1946 and 1964. Due to the numerous improve in delivery price throughout this period, historians known as it the child boomers technology.

Individuals who have been born throughout this interval have distinctive political views and cultural views. They’re individuals who grew up and participated within the civil rights protests and they’re additionally individuals who grew up understanding concerning the American Military may and likewise understanding that the enemies have been communists and socialists.

Maybe that is the explanation why child boomers have completely different and distinct political views. You might have to appreciate the truth that child boomers have contributed quite a bit by way of politics. Actually, Bill Clinton and the incumbent President George W. Bush are the 2 first presidents who’re within the child bomers period. For those who look carefully, each have considerably related political views and their insurance policies do not actually differ that a lot, even when one is a democrat and the opposite is a republican. You could have to contemplate the details that each have funded the navy to ensure that the United States retain its navy may and they’re additionally involved about civil rights.

So, what do child boomers need? Should you look intently, people who find themselves within the age of mid-40s to 60s are very a lot in contrast to aging folks prior to now. Today, you will notice these individuals to be extra energetic and are usually involved extra about their well being. Actually, many individuals who have been born within the child boomers period often go to docs in contrast previously. It is because these folks need to care for their very own well being.

What this implies is that child boomers will seemingly dwell longer than their predecessors. Today, child bomers are aging. However, due to the most recent medical know-how obtainable in the present day, you must notice that the life expectancy for child boomers has elevated.

However, there are additionally rising considerations that the child bomers at the moment are dealing with. Because the child boomer inhabitants is at an all time excessive, there are issues regarding Social Security advantages and in addition about Medicare. Another drawback is that when the child boomers go into retirement, the workforce will lower. That is due to the decreased beginning fee after the child boomer period. This may imply lower in workforce and improve in retirees.

What the child boomers need as we speak is once they retire, they need to be capable of get the required retirement and well being advantages. Since child boomers are anticipated to healthier than their predecessors, they’ll have the ability to journey lots.

After retirement, the child bomers inhabitants is predicted to journey so much. In truth, most child bloomers working right this moment are working to save lots of sufficient cash to go on a retirement trip.

The child bomers are a proud technology the place they went via rather a lot preventing for civil rights. In addition they contributed loads in tradition. Because of this you need to count on them to need some methods to loosen up and taking a trip is certainly one of them Game Zynga Poker.

Today, aging child boomers are actually contemplating retiring and are anticipating the federal government to repay them for the companies they contributed to the society. The child bomers period is accountable for making the United States economic system to run easily. That is due to the excessive inhabitants ranges of workforce and in addition in these occasions, unemployment charges had been just about non-existent.

Since child boomers got here of age when there have been protests for the conflict in Vietnam and civil rights, you must count on that they’re effectively conscious of their civil rights and needs everybody to respect it. And for that reason, child bomers actually wish to retain their civil rights and anticipate the federal government to present them the advantages they deserve once they retire.

High Obesity Rate, Americans Vulnerable to COVID-19

High Obesity Rate, Americans Vulnerable to COVID-19 – The increasing number of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure among the people of the United States makes them have a high susceptibility to being infected with the corona virus COVID-19.

According to Tom Frieden, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 60 percent of adults in America have at least one of these health conditions.

“All of these health problems increase the risk of COVID-19 infection, a disease caused by a virus, and worse, death,” he said, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Monday, March 30, 2020.

High Obesity Rate, Americans Vulnerable to COVID-19

As of today, Tuesday afternoon, March 31, 2020, data from distribution maps made by Johns Hopkins University confirmed as many as 164,610 infected cases, 3,170 killed and 5,945 recovered. Health experts worry that these two numbers will increase exponentially because only a few are truly at low risk of infection.

Experts suggest that obesity could put Americans at risk of a pandemic similar to that seen in 1918 with the Spanish flu. According to the CDC, 42.4 percent of the adult population is obese and 18.5 percent of children in America.

Obesity is known as a risk factor for several chronic health conditions including type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart attack and even certain types of cancer. Experts warn that the proportion of obese adults will only grow like the younger generation.

Rising rates of obesity will not only increase health care costs, but can spur a corona virus pandemic, or a future pandemic.

A 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic study found that obese people were twice as likely to be hospitalized compared to the country’s population. That is, fat people who are diagnosed with COVID-19 make hospitals that are already overwhelmed increasingly full.

In addition, a recent study from the University of Michigan School of Public Health found that obese and flu-infected adults not only had a greater risk of developing severe complications, but remained infectious longer.

This means, obesity is associated with an increased risk of flu transmission. With 75 percent of adults in the United States estimated to be overweight or obese by 2030, this could result in the loss of thousands more lives due to the flu, or corona virus. DominoQQ

While it’s not clear why obese adults are more contagious, scientists believe that obesity changes the body’s immune response and causes chronic inflammation. What’s more, a study this month from China found that corona virus patients with comorbidities had higher mortality rates.

Meanwhile, research from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found that only 12 percent of Americans over the age of 20 are considered ‘metabolically healthy’. This population has waist measurements, glucose levels, blood pressure and cholesterol “optimal” without having to take medication.

In the interim, 80 million individuals in America (one out of three) experience the ill effects of hypertension, 100 million live with diabetes or pre-diabetes, and 102 million have elevated cholesterol levels, and many have a mix of every one of the three. That is, just a little part of the populace can really be viewed as generally safe.

Surabaya Researchers Discover Corona Virus Drug, To Be Mass Produced

Surabaya Researchers Discover Corona Virus Drug, To Be Mass Produced – Two researchers from Airlangga University (Airlangga University) found a corona virus drug. They found supplements to fight Corona Virus or Covid-19.

The supplements are packaged in the form of supplement drinks, chocolate bars to candy bars.

Surabaya Researchers Discover Corona

One of the inventors of the Corona Virus antidote supplement, Prof. M Mufti Mubarok explained, the supplements believed to be able to fight Covid-19 will soon be mass-produced starting next week after going through lab tests and also trials to patients affected by Covid.

“Lab tests have been completed and we have also supplied samples to medical personnel and affected patients (Covid-19). As a result, there is a significant increase in immunity. Only testimony from medical staff and patients. We plan to mass produce,” explained Prof. Mufti to, Sunday (3/29/2020) night.

Furthermore, Mufti said, the product named Nitrico with Nitrico 1, Nitrico 2 and Nitrico 3 products, has an immune formula of Surabaya Researchers Discover Corona around 500 milligrams more and is able to fight viruses.

“The results of the study, Corona’s immunity is around 400 milligrams. Corona’s immunity drops below normal. While in this formula, we have about 500 (milligrams) more. So with this supplement the virus attack will be inevitable,” he said.

The findings of this supplement, continued Mufti, have been heard by the central government. In fact, six provinces have also contacted him to order (pivot).

The response was extraordinary. Even from several central and provincial people have contacted and pivot (message). There are six provinces that are already pivot, “Mufti said.

For the remarks, continued Mufti, his party will soon conduct mass production. For its inaugural production, he claimed to produce around 20 thousand samples. bandarq

We will produce 20 thousand first for sampling and some that have already been ordered, “he said.

According to Mufti, the production is planned to be carried out in Surabaya. As for the formulator from the Faculty of Public Health (FKM) Airlangga University.

“I produce it myself. I also happen to have a production of food and supplements. The FKM is the formulator. So it’s been a long time working around for two years. Incidentally, I also teach as a guest lecturer there,” he said.

5 Essential Tools of the Successful

5 Essential Tools of the Successful

5 Essential Tools of the Successful – In the time I have been running my internet home business I have realized that there is a wealth of information available about ‘working at home’. Unfortunately a lot of this info does nothing more than waste your time and money. It has become very difficult for the beginner entrepreneur to get started successfully in the online world. I am writing this article because I believe I have found the 5 essential tools necessary to run a successful home business as an affiliate marketer. The tools outlined below play the biggest role in the operation of my home business and they don’t break the bank either.

5 Essential Tools of the Successful

Essential Tool #1 – Your own Website:

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Essential Tool #2 – An Email Auto Responder:

Now you will need a means to drive traffic to your website and that’s where our 2nd essential tool enters the picture, the email autoresponder. Where do you get such a program? Well, you see what I didn’t tell you about PlugInProfit is that you also get your very own 360 day business newsletter which is in turn hooked up to an email autoresponder, so basically whenever someone signs up for your free newsletter, they will receive 360 days of emails from your business promoting your website. Doesn’t that sound great?

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Ok, now you are probably wondering how someone would find your newsletter and get entered into your autoresponder. There are basically 2 ways to get potential customers into your autoresponder. 1. Visit your website and signup. This requires your website to rank fairly well in the search engines or be advertised somewhere. We will talk more about that during essential tools #3 and #4. 2. Buy leads that get entered into your autoresponder automatically. There are many places out there that sell leads for this purpose.

Here are 3 examples: List Opt, Leads Factory, Traffic Oasis. Once the leads get entered into your autoresponder it becomes completely automated. You can sit back and watch your business grow. Having an email autoresponder has really made my work a lot easier and definitely continues to play a key role in the success of my business.

Essential Tool #3 – Reciprocal Linking Campaign:

A key factor that determines your website rank in the search engines is often how many and what kind of websites are linking to your site. If you can partner with a couple hundred relevant websites your search engine rank will skyrocket. I learned how to do this with Jack Humphrey’s e-book PowerLinking. I highly recommend this e-book; it provides all the tools and information necessary to produce a highly effective Reciprocal Linking Campaign which is sure increase the traffic to your website. You can find out more by clicking below:

Essential Tool #4 – Word Tracker Software:

Along with your linking campaign you will also want to optimize your website around a select a number of keywords. However, you will want to choose your words carefully. Select keywords that not only describe your website but are also popular with the search engines. Word Tracker is a great tool for tracking the popularity of selected keywords.

This tool will tell how often each keyword is searched for in Google, Yahoo, Excite, etc. You can try it for free at wordtracker. com.

Essential Tool #5 – The Warrior Forum:

The Warrior forum is the #1 marketing group on the net for 6 years. When you become a member you will get the opportunity to chat with some of the internets top affiliate marketers and in my experience they are always willing to help those who want to work. Just browsing through all the forum topics can generate tons of ideas and answer any question you may have. The Warrior forum is an excellent resource and when you sign up for the Plug in Profit site discussed in ‘Essential Tool #1’ you will automatically get a free membership Agen Poker Online.

If you are interested in becoming a successful affiliate marketer I suggest you at least check these tools out. If you go as far as to learn how to use them and then invest about $100 a month to make them work you could have a full blown affiliate marketing business that will eventually generate a six figure income quite easily. The key is simply planting the seeds and sticking with it. I hope this has motivated you a little and that now you are considering getting started on your own internet business venture. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions or feedback.

Positive Corona Patient in Kediri Who Died Turned Out to Go Home Umrah

Positive Corona Patient in Kediri Who Died Turned Out to Go Home Umrah

Positive Corona Patient in Kediri Who Died Turned Out to Go Home Umrah – The number of corona positive patients who died in East Java until Friday (27/3) was 4 people. One of them is from a hospital in Kediri Regency.

Dr. Soetomo Hospital General Director Surabaya and Chairman of the Curative Task Force Team for the Covid-19 Handling Acceleration in East Java, Dr. Joni Wahyuhadi said, the patient who died in Kediri returned home, then tested positive for corona and died.

So, we have traced the positive history of the citizens of Kediri, corona. It turned out that he had just made a pilgrimage. After the Umrah was declared positive and died, Joni told AFP on Saturday (3/28/2020).

Joni revealed, the patient who died in Kediri was a 52-year-old man. Joni said, the man also had other disease complications in his history.

Positive Corona Patient in Kediri Who Died Turned Out to Go Home Umrah

So you have diabetes. The case is the same as those who died in Sidoarjo, they have a history of companion diseases, and this time they have a history of diabetes, they are also over 50 years old, 52, Joni explained.

Joni then reminded the danger of the spread of the Covid-19 virus. According to him at this time many did not have any symptoms, but had the Covid-19 virus in his body.

That is dangerous, when the positive one is a carrier (carrier) Bonus 66Ceme and apparently does not have any symptoms. Can endanger older people, let alone have complications. The public must be aware of this, he stressed.

Until Friday (3/27), the number of corona positive patients who died in East Java was 4 people. The patients who died each came from Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Malang Raya and Kediri Regency.

National Examination 2020 Abolished

National Examination 2020 Abolished – President Joko Widodo decided to abolish the 2020 National Examination (UN). This decision was conveyed through the president’s spokesperson, Fadjroel Rachman.

Fadjroel said that Jokowi’s decision was part of saving people’s health in dealing with the coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19). The elimination of the UN is also part of the application of social distancing.

The elimination of the UN to cut the chain of the spread of the Corona SARS 2 or Covid-19 virus. This assertion was conveyed by President Joko Widodo in a limited meeting with the National Examination, Fadjroel said in his statement, Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

National Examination 2020 Abolished

The National Examination is abolished for High School (SMA) or Madrasah Aliyah (MA), Junior High School (SMP) or Madrasah Tsnawiyah (MTs) levels. The policy of eliminating UN should be followed by active participation of citizens.

Especially in the application of social distancing behavior, namely work from home, learning from home and worship at home, he stressed.

Before the ratas began, Jokowi brought three options related to the UN 2020. Three of them included the implementation of the UN according to schedule, postponement, or completely eliminated. Kartu Poker

With this decision, Jokowi hopes that students’ rights will still be fulfilled. For Jokowi, the National Examination has become a right that should be given.

The main principle, which we must uphold, is that we can adopt this policy. But we must not harm the rights of 8.3 million students who should take the National Examinations held, Jokowi explained.

Proposed BSNP

Separately, the National Education Standards Agency has also proposed that the 2020 UN be canceled. This is for the sake of mutual safety, especially students, educators, and education personnel.

BSNP as an independent and independent body authorized to hold the National Examination (PP Number 19 of 2005) proposes to the government that the 2019/2020 Academic Year National Examination is canceled, said BSNP Chairman Abdul Mu’ti.

Mu’ti also said that he had submitted a letter that the proposal to cancel the National Examination had been submitted by BSNP to the Minister of Education and Culture on March 23, 2020.

The consideration of the cancellation of the 2019/0202 UN academic year was first based on the decision of the Head of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) No. 13.A of 2020 concerning the Extension of the Status of Disaster Specific Emergency Disasters due to the Corona virus in Indonesia, until the 29th May 2020. Then based on the Decree of the National Education Standards Agency (BSNP) Number 0053 / P / BSNP / I / 2020 chapter XVI about extraordinary events.

Chapter XVI concerning the extraordinary event reads If an extraordinary event occurs which has the potential of failing the implementation of the UN, the Central Level Organizers and UN Committees declare an emergency or crisis. The extraordinary events referred to in item number include natural disasters, riots, war, and other events beyond the control of the UN organizer.

The three requests from the Provincial / Regency / City Education Office and Indonesian Overseas Schools (SILN) regarding the postponement of the National Examination for SMA / MA, SMP / MTs, and Equality Education in the Package B / Wustha and PaketC / Ulya Program due to the Corona virus pandemic outbreak (covid- 19), explained Mu’ti.

Then the results of monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the National Examination Vocational School / MAK by members of BSNP and Balitbang and Bookkeeping. Also the decision of the BSNP coordination meeting with Balitbang and Books, the Center for Assessment and Learning, and the Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Education and Culture on March 23, 2020.

The sixth Government Regulation Number 19 of 2005, as amended by Government Regulation Number 32 of 2013, and the second amendment to Government Regulation Number 13 of 2015, that the government is authorized to cancel the National Examination, he said.