Rape Victim of Surabaya Obscene Priest Allegedly More Than One Child

Rape Victim of Surabaya Obscene Priest Allegedly More Than One Child – Rape victims of Surabaya obscene priests, HL allegedly more than one. The information obtained, in addition to the congregation which is still under the age of initials IW, the HL pastor who is now a suspect and detained is also suspected of molesting other children.

East Java Regional Police Criminal Investigation Directorate is still investigating the allegations. Because until now there has been no information obtained under the suspect has molested more than one victim.

Rape Victim of Surabaya

Director of the General Criminal Investigation (Dirreskrimum) East Java Regional Police Commissioner Pol Pitra Ratulangie said, for the time being based on the report, the victim of sexual abuse HL pastor is still one person. Bandar Ceme Deposit

“Based on the report, the victim is still one person,” explained Pitra, Saturday (03/07/2020).

Investigators themselves, continued Pitra, are still continuing to develop to find evidence or witnesses that confirm the allegations.

“We will certainly understand. Later the suspect’s information will be taken to look for new evidence,” he said. Rape Victim of Surabaya

The obscene pastor of Surabaya HL was finally named a suspect by the Directorate of General Criminal Investigation (Ditreskrimum) East Java Regional Police. He allegedly committed cases of molestation and rape of minors who are also his congregation.

Determination of the obscene pastor Surabaya, HL after the investigator carried out the title of the case and provided two pieces of evidence.

“Previously we have conducted an examination of the concerned (HL priest). With the existence of two pieces of evidence, we have determined the suspect,” explained Pitra.

To note, a priest in Surabaya allegedly molested his congregation. Unmitigated, the priest with the initials HL molested his victim for 17 years or since the victim was 9 years old. Jeanie Latumahina, a female activist who was asked to escort a case that had been reported to the East Java Regional Police on February 20, 2020 with the number LPB / 155 / II / 2020 / UM / SPKT, said that the case was revealed when the victim with the initial IW (26) was going to get married.

The IW family said that the marriage blessing would take place in the church led by Rev. HL. But hysterically IW strongly refused if the blessing was led by the obscene pastor Surabaya, HL

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