Securing The Condition, Covid-19 Patients in Malaysia Spread Pregnant Nurse

Securing The Condition, Covid-19 Patients in Malaysia Spread Pregnant Nurse – an X-ray nurse at a royal hospital in Malaysia was quarantined because of a suspected Corona or Covid-19 virus after examining a male patient.

The husband, KA said his wife did an x-ray examination of patients suspected of having dengue fever. “The patient came from a health center, he was then told to continue to Serdang Hospital because he had symptoms and was asked to test for Covid-19 detection,” KA said.

Securing The Condition

KA said, “The male patient went to a number of hospitals and said that only dengue fever. He did not believe there were symptoms of Covid-19.”

“Supposedly if referred to the hospital, he should have said for a health examination for Covid-19. But, he said dengue fever, until the doctor took action based on the SOP of the disease,” he said.

Obviously KA, one of the standard operational procedures for those suspected of dengue fever is undergoing an x-ray examination.

“15 minutes after the X-ray, the doctor in charge told the patient that it was likely that Covid-19 had been infected. Well, after that, he just claimed he had previously been diagnosed with Covid-19 and was told to have a medical test,” KA said.

KA said his wife, who was on duty at the time, Friday, began showing symptoms of Covid-19 four days later, on Tuesday. Alat Seo

“My wife who is six months pregnant is currently being quarantined at Sungai Buloh Hospital and needs to wait 1-2 days to find out she is positive or not infected,” said KA.

KA said, “In the family, AA is the most powerful figure. If he has a fever, he is still able to stand up and take care of us and his family. If in this condition, he can only video call in the quarantine room.”

Through his Facebook social networking account, KA requested prayers from the public for the condition of his wife and baby. Securing The Condition

“There are people who are ashamed that he has a positive condition Covid-19, but for me people who go surrender themselves to the hospital should be considered a hero,” said KA.

“Early prevention can reduce the impact of transmitting this epidemic to others,” said KA, who has been married to AA since 2013 and has a 6-year-old child.

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