So Good Parent Action Bear to His Child

So Good Parent Action Bear to His Child

So Good Parent Action Bear to His Child – Again, we are shown how good a mother’s instincts are. Not just humans, animals too and this is mama bear.
CNN reported, a mama bear was caught on camera saving her children in South Lake Tahoe. Apparently, this is the best action on Mother’s Day moments celebrated by US citizens in the second week of May.

Firefighters from the South Lake Tahoe California Fire Association were recently assigned to Key Marina. They moved after receiving a telephone report about three cubs that had been separated from their mothers.

When he arrived at the scene, the firefighters found that the bear had already carried out

In one video, showing the next rescue, mama bear slowly jumps into the lake and swims near one of the babies in the water. Then, the child moves up the mother’s back then swims ashore.

The mother bear is determined to save her own cubs. They then swam to safety, the association said in an upload on Facebook on May 3.

Not only bears, similar stories also exist in Indonesia. Orangutans from Kalimantan went viral because they wanted to save a man. He helped the man in the pit filled with snakes.

The orang-utan, the endangered primate, decided to offer help to that person. An amateur photographer, Anil Prabhakar, who captured that brief moment.

Prabhakar is on a safari with his friends in a conservation forest managed by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS).

There were reports of snakes in the area so the warden came and he cleaned the snake, he said.

I saw an orangutan coming very close to him and only ceme online jakarta stretched out his hand, Prabhakar added.

Prabhakar said, the guard had difficulty moving in muddy running water. And, without warning the orangutan is like saying Can I help?

I just took the moment. That’s really emotional, he explained.

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