South Korean Officer Handling Corona Virus Reported Suicide

South Korean Officer Handling Corona Virus Reported Suicide – A male official in his 30s from the Ministry of Justice in South Korea (South Korea) died from suicide on the Han River.

Launching from Naver, based on information from the Department of Justice on Tuesday (02/25/2020) Mr. A from the Ministry of Justice’s Emergency Safety Planning Office died at the Dongjak Bridge at 5:00 that morning.

Mr. A himself was part of the emergency safety planning team responsible for the corona virus infection that caused Covid-19 for emergency management and national crisis.

South Korean Officer Handling Corona Virus Reported Suicide

Based on the recorded CCTV footage, Mr. A was seen falling after hitting the Dongjak bridge fence then he jumped off the bridge.

Mr A was found by the Banpo Rescue Team at 9 am in a lifeless condition.

The police and the Department of Justice are investigating how Mr. A to the choice of extreme actions and their relationship to the work continues.

Until today, the case of corona virus in South Korea has reached 2,022 cases.

The number of deaths has reached 13 deaths.

Cases Are Increasing

Quoting from SCMP, many cases that have been confirmed by South Korea come from two groups of infections which are related to a religious sect in Daegu Southeast City and a hospital in the Cheongdo Neighbors.

Today, Friday (02/28/2020) 256 cases have just been reported to increase in South Korea. Rumus Bandar Ceme

The 182 cases came from Daegu City.

Concerns about the Corona virus have triggered people in Seoul City to queue in long lines to buy masks by going through several shops even though cases of corona virus infection in the city are still relatively small.

With the high corona virus problem, it has provoked one million people to sign the petition demanding the impeachment of President Moon.

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