Surabaya Researchers Discover Corona Virus Drug, To Be Mass Produced

Surabaya Researchers Discover Corona Virus Drug, To Be Mass Produced – Two researchers from Airlangga University (Airlangga University) found a corona virus drug. They found supplements to fight Corona Virus or Covid-19.

The supplements are packaged in the form of supplement drinks, chocolate bars to candy bars.

Surabaya Researchers Discover Corona

One of the inventors of the Corona Virus antidote supplement, Prof. M Mufti Mubarok explained, the supplements believed to be able to fight Covid-19 will soon be mass-produced starting next week after going through lab tests and also trials to patients affected by Covid.

“Lab tests have been completed and we have also supplied samples to medical personnel and affected patients (Covid-19). As a result, there is a significant increase in immunity. Only testimony from medical staff and patients. We plan to mass produce,” explained Prof. Mufti to, Sunday (3/29/2020) night.

Furthermore, Mufti said, the product named Nitrico with Nitrico 1, Nitrico 2 and Nitrico 3 products, has an immune formula of Surabaya Researchers Discover Corona around 500 milligrams more and is able to fight viruses.

“The results of the study, Corona’s immunity is around 400 milligrams. Corona’s immunity drops below normal. While in this formula, we have about 500 (milligrams) more. So with this supplement the virus attack will be inevitable,” he said.

The findings of this supplement, continued Mufti, have been heard by the central government. In fact, six provinces have also contacted him to order (pivot).

The response was extraordinary. Even from several central and provincial people have contacted and pivot (message). There are six provinces that are already pivot, “Mufti said.

For the remarks, continued Mufti, his party will soon conduct mass production. For its inaugural production, he claimed to produce around 20 thousand samples. bandarq

We will produce 20 thousand first for sampling and some that have already been ordered, “he said.

According to Mufti, the production is planned to be carried out in Surabaya. As for the formulator from the Faculty of Public Health (FKM) Airlangga University.

“I produce it myself. I also happen to have a production of food and supplements. The FKM is the formulator. So it’s been a long time working around for two years. Incidentally, I also teach as a guest lecturer there,” he said.

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