Toddlers Accidentally Drink Corona Disinfectant, Pillared to Hospital

Toddlers Accidentally Drink Corona Disinfectant, Pillared to Hospital – 2-year-old toddler resident of Bojonggaling Village, Bantargadung District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java, was lying weak in the emergency room of the Regional Hospital.

The boy was rushed to the hospital for accidentally drinking disinfectant fluid.

The father, SH said, his son drank the rest of the disinfectant liquid that was stored in a used bottle of mineral water.

The incident occurred after SH, who is a Bantargadung District Disaster Management Officer (P2BK) sprayed the corona covid-19 anti-virus disinfectant in the mosque and around his house.

Toddlers Accidentally Drink

At that time the child returned home after playing with his grandfather. Then the child asks for a drink, and unknowingly takes the bottle containing the disinfectant.

Somehow the boy could tell that there was a bottle filled with liquid in the house. Because SH has stored the disinfectant Toddlers Accidentally Drink liquid under the chair.

Because SH is aware that the liquid is dangerous, so it is stored in a hidden place and out of reach of children. Maybe it is thirsty to immediately take the remaining liquid that I keep in a used mineral water bottle, “he said.

Fortunately, when I drink a little parents see it. SH rushed to try removing the disinfectant liquid from the body of his child using vegetable oil and then vomited. Toddlers Accidentally Drink

However, due to his weak condition, he was immediately rushed to Palabuhanratu Regional Hospital and received treatment.

“Already handled by the medical team, at this time my child is still weak using breathing apparatus in the hospital,” he explained.

However, medical staff at Palabuhanratu Regional Hospital suggested that their children be taken to a hospital that had a PICU room. But the hospital that has the PICU is currently in full condition. tips mudah menang dominoqq

“The medical officer said that he needed to be treated in the PICU room and in R Syamsudin Hospital and Hermina Hospital, only he said (medical officers) the two hospitals were full,” he said.

SH hopes that his child will immediately get a referral to another hospital that is adequate and has a PICU room, because at this time the child’s condition is still weak.

The medical team said there was a swelling in my son’s throat, hopefully soon he would get a referral and get a room.

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