Wuhan City Record Satellite Image Red Light Up

Wuhan City Record Satellite Image Red Light Up – Satellite photos show very high levels of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) in the city of origin of the Corona virus, namely Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, Sunday (02/09/2020).

Satellite imagery also shows high SO2 levels occurring in Chongqing City.

Scientists claim Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) is produced from cremation of corpses or burning medical waste.

Wuhan City Record Satellite

The two cities have been closed since February 2, 2020, due to the corona virus.

The Chinese National Health Commission said the corpses of victims of the corona virus must be cremated immediately.

Reporting from Dailymail.co.uk, satellite images from the Windy.com website show SO2 levels in Wuhan City at 1,350 μg / m3 over the weekend.

Meanwhile according to the World Health Organization (WHO), SO2 levels should not exceed 500 μg / m3.

The US Environmental Protection Agency, said that burning medical waste can also cause high SO2 emissions and can cause serious health risks.

Wuhan City Record Satellite Image Red Light Up

The gas can cause health problems such as asthma, pneumonia, and decreased lung function.

SO2 can affect the respiratory system and lung function, and cause eye irritation, the WHO said.

Until now it was not clear whether there was a link between the corona virus and the high level of SO2 in Wuhan City last weekend.

Based on the observation of Serambinews.com on windy.com, SO2 level in Wuhan City today, Wednesday (12/2/2020) at 12:30 West Indonesia Time has decreased from last week.

SO2 concentration in Wuhan City was at the level of 145.58 μg / m3, while in Chongqing City it was at the level of 107.79 μg / m3.

Update on Corona Virus Victims Today

Meanwhile, until now, Wednesday (02/12/2020) at 12:30 WIB, the number of deaths from the corona virus has been 1,115 lives.

While infected reached 45,170 people.

Corona virus has now spread to 28 countries.

The data was obtained by Serambinews.com from real time calculations on thewuhanvirus.com.

The number of victims of the corona virus until February 12, 2020. (CAPTURE THEWUHANVIRUS) Wuhan City Record Satellite Image Red Light Up.

Crow video in Wuhan City

Seain that, there is also another story of the impact of the corona virus about a recording that makes goose bumps goose.

The recording contains the conditions of the city of Wuhan which is tense and not as usual. Login 99Bandar

Quoted from the Daily Star on Wednesday (02/12/2020), it appears that thousands of crows flew in a group in the Wuhan sky which undoubtedly sparked public concern.

This footage is believed to have been taken by residents of Wuhan which showed a large group of crows flying in the city’s empty street area.

A group of black birds can be seen roaming Wusi Street in the Chengxi District, Wuhan.

Then these birds take to the road and peck the road below them.

In other footage, a large band of dark creatures has been captured in Xining City, which has prompted Chinese netizens to question their whereabouts in the province.

Some netizens believe the crows are “hunting dead bodies” to eat.

While others speculate that a group of crows might “eat particles” from the “ashes” of cremated humans.

There is no strong evidence to support the theory that crows look for corpses.

However, because crows are seen as a symbol of death in Chinese culture this has begun to cause fear for some people.

Crow in Chinese culture is often believed to be a symbol of bad luck and a symbol of death.

Citizens on Twitter commented on the recording a lot.

One citizen said, the Wuhan people noticed there were a lot of bad crows flying around the city, quite scary.

They might look for bodies to eat, he continued.

“Crows are there to bring the souls of the dead to their final resting place.” said the comments of other citizens.

Another citizen asked about the existence of the crow.

“What’s the crow going there for? human flesh?”

According to existing reports China banned corona virus victims from being buried.

The bodies of the victims of the plague must be destroyed by burning.

Reports suggest that these bodies were sent daily to infinite cremation houses.

Cremation officers must drain their energy working 7 full days because the bodies continue to arrive.

Reports say that these corpses were sent daily to infinite cremation houses.

This sparked public opinion about the National Health commission in China banning the bodies from being buried, but had to be cremated to prevent the spread of the virus.

Sightings of crows that appear above the city sparked fear and horrifying stories there.

Because crows become symbols of bad luck and death that have been embedded deep in East Asian mythology.

Other birds that are believed to symbolize death are believed there such as crows, black birds, owls, and phoenixes.

The birds represent the spirit world, the afterlife, the spirituality, and the death of their loved one.

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